Special Laws and Regulations for Disabled Hunting


Severely Disabled Hunting, Fishing and Combination License

NRS 502.245 and NAC 502.245

Disabled Veteran Hunting, Fishing and Combination License

NRS 502.072

Visual Disability Permit

NAC 503.145

Archery Disability Permit

NAC 503.1465

Special Assistance Permit

LCB File No. R105-16

Issuance of hunting licenses to persons who are blind

NRS 502.075 and NAC 502.240

Manner of hunting or trapping: Unlawful use of aircraft, helicopter, motor-driven vehicle, boat or transmitting device

NRS 503.010

Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in or on vehicle on or along public way unlawful; exceptions

NRS 503.165

Hunting with crossbow and bow and arrow

NAC 503.143 and NAC 503.144