Advanced Hunter Ed: Big Game Care and Cooking Classes


Come January most Nevada big game seasons will have ended and hopefully that means lots of hunters had successful hunts and freezers full of healthful, organic and tasty game meat to show for their efforts. For the many hunters (and their spouses) the question now begs what to do with all that hard earned wild game.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has partnered with Nothing To It! Culinary Center in Reno to conduct a series of game care and cooking workshops that will provide answers and options beyond the standard "throw it in a crock pot and cook forever" recipes.

Game care, processing and cooking seem to be one area that many hunters lack good information according to John McKay, NDOW Outdoor Education coordinator. "I’m not sure why, but if you had to choose one hunting topic prone to misinformation more than others, I’d have to say game care and cooking rank right up there at the top of the list," said McKay. "Whether it’s not learning proper techniques in the first place, being afraid to ask questions or listening to the old wives tales out there, many hunters don’t seem to know the basic principles necessary to first get their game home in good shape and then do their harvest justice when preparing it."

The first workshop scheduled for Saturday, January 18 will highlight big game. At this workshop participants will learn to tame the gaminess with tips and techniques that get game successfully from field to table and make meals they’ll be proud to serve family and friends.

Register online now for the January 18 class at the Nothing To It! website

What You Will Learn

Topics covered include game care, processing and storage; proper use of spices, marinades and cookware and the differences in handling and preparing wild game vs. domestic meats. While chili and stew are fine, numerous techniques and recipes will be demonstrated that will expand ones culinary repertoire. Participants will be able to sample each of the prepared dishes.

Future Classes

The northern Nevada workshops are first of a pilot program as NDOW hopes to expand cooking classes statewide in the near future if demand warrants. The Reno big game workshop will be followed by Upland Game/Waterfowl in March and Game Fish in April. For more information on the workshops, register or give the class as a gift go to the Nothing To It! website.