Bear at Incline Euthanized Monday Night

A male black bear was euthanized by the Nevada Department of Wildlife on Monday evening at Incline Village. The two year old bear had been positively identified as the bear which broke into the same house on Friday and Sunday nights and was apparently preparing to break into that same house when tranquilized by a NDOW game warden.

“The bear was euthanized on scene because it was a danger to human beings,” said Chris Healy, NDOW public information officer. On Monday evening, the bear was observed attempting to break into a locked truck. Initial attempts to scare the bear away were unsuccessful. “The bear was described as “fearless” by the NDOW game warden at the scene,” added Healy. Healy also said that during the break-ins over the weekend the bear had been sprayed with bear spray but still returned to the area.

During the same incident, another bear in the area was trapped and the yearling female was released Tuesday afternoon in an area southeast of Gardnerville.

The euthanized bear had been handled once before as a nuisance bear near Dayton in early October. It was fitted with an ear tag and released south of Dayton in the Pine Nut Mountain range. A mere three days later it was seen in the Incline Village area.

In the month of October, NDOW has caught 15 bears. Fourteen of those bears have been caught and released using aversion conditioning techniques. One bear, last night at Incline, has been euthanized.