Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program

Under the direction provided in Assembly Bill 167 by the Nevada State Legislature in 2011, NDOW was provided authority to implement an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Program. The over arching goals of the program are to prevent the spread of AIS threatening Nevada’s waterways and to prevent new introductions of AIS. Implementation of the program includes the development and approval of AIS regulations, seasonal inspection and decontamination stations, monitoring, coordination with stakeholders and government entities, and AIS prevention education and outreach for the public. The program is funded through collection of an AIS watercraft decal and federal assistance grants.

If you transport a watercraft on any public highway in Nevada, you are now required to have your drain plugs, drain valves and any other removable device used to control the draining of water removed and open while transporting the vessel. AIS - Remove Your Drain Plug Information.

Seasonal Position: AIS Watercraft Inspection, Decontamination, and Outreach Specialist

AIS Prevention: How to Clean, Drain, and Dry Your Waders, Boats and Kayaks

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AIS Information