Where to Boat in Nevada

Access to Nevada's water via boat ramps may change from week to week. Many boat ramps throughout the state are maintained by county, state or federal agencies. The links below may provide some helpful information about boating access.


Lake Tahoe Area

The Lake Tahoe area offers a variety of areas for visitors to enjoy. Sand Harbor offers a boat launch, sandy beaches, picnicking and group use facilities. The boat launch includes two wave protected double ramps with docks and adjacent parking.

Lake Tahoe Information

Lakes Mead and Mohave

Lakes Mead and Mohave are National Recreation Areas, managed by the National Park Service. Nevada Department of Wildlife is responsible for stocking fish in the Nevada portions of the Lake and is also responsible for boating safety on Lakes Mead and Mohave waters.

Lake Mead Information

Download a Lakes Mead and Mohave NRA boating map

More NV State Parks

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