Adams McGill Reservoir

Map of Adams-McGill Reservoir

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Adams-McGill Reservoir is located on the Kirch Wildlife Management area (formerly Sunnyside).  The land was purchased by the state in April of 1959 from Ervin Hendrix who purchased it from the Adams-McGill Company in 1943.  The area was mainly acquired for its wetland values for waterfowl.  

Pertinent Information

The reservoir is 785 surface acres at full capacity, sits at an elevation on 5,154 feet, and has a maximum water depth of 10 feet.  A self-sustaining largemouth bass fishery exists in the reservoir as well as a put-and-take rainbow trout fishery.  Bass angling is slow until the water temperature reaches 60°F, which occurs around mid-May.  Fishing continues to be good through October when the cooler water temperature influences angler success.  Trout fishing picks up in February and is good through June, slows down in summer, and increases again in mid-September through November.  Largemouth bass generally average 12 inches and rainbow trout 15 inches.  Artificial lures (rubber worms and spinner baits) are the most popular bass bait.  Camping is permitted at Dave Deacon Campground located about two miles west of the reservoir.  The campground has pit toilets, potable water, an RV dumpsite, but minimal shade.


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Nevada Fishing Regulations

Boating Regulations

A vessel must be operated at a speed that leaves a flat wake, but in no case be operated at a speed in excess of 5 nautical miles per hour.


From Ely, travel 23 miles west on Highway 6 to the junction of Highway 318. Turn south and travel 44 miles until you arrive at Kirch Wildlife Management Area. Adams-McGill Reservoir is about 3 miles west of Highway 318. From Las Vegas, travel 21 miles north on I-15 until you come to the Highway 93 junction. Travel north on Highway 93 for 86 miles. At the junction of Highways 93 and 318, continue north on Highway 318 for 67 miles to the management area. The reservoir is 3 miles west of Highway 318.


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