Blue Lakes

Map of Blue Lakes

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Blue Lakes are located in the northwestern corner of the Pine Forest Range in the Blue Lakes Wilderness Study Area managed by the BLM.  These alpine lakes lie at 8,300 feet, which normally freeze over during winter.

Pertinent Information

There are three lakes that make up the Blue Lakes complex, one large lake and two smaller ones.  The main, larger lake has an average depth of 24 feet and a maximum depth of 44 feet.  It is 24 surface acres, while the two lower lakes total about 7.5 surface acres.  Although all lakes have fish, the large lake receives the most fishing.  Fish include brook trout, tiger trout (brown trout x brook trout hybrid), bowcutt trout (rainbow trout x cutthroat trout hybrid), and rainbow trout.  The best times of the year to fish are in the summer and fall.  When fly fishing, use late season nymph patterns such as damsels, but black leeches and olive scuds do well.  Fishing is successful using Power Bait and nightcrawlers.  During early afternoon, small spinners and flatfish have been consistent for catching trout.  Blue Lakes lie in a Federal Wilderness Study Area and access is by a 1/4 mile hiking trail.  Camping around the lake is allowed, but primitive.  This area is one of the most beautiful places to fish in Nevada, and occur within a short distance of Onion Valley Reservoir and Knott Creek Reservoir.


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Nevada Fishing Regulations

Boating Regulations

Only vessels without motors are permitted.


Travel north of Winnemucca to State Route 140, then on to Denio Junction. At Denio Junction, turn west on SR140 and drive to the Knott Creek Ranch turnoff. Proceed south, following the signs to the Onion Valley Reservoir Campground. From there, travel ¾ mile to the Blue Lake Trailhead. Anglers must walk from this location, ¼ mile along the trail to the Blue Lakes Complex.


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