Knott Creek Reservoir

Map of Knott Creek Reservoir

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Knott Creek Reservoir is found in the Pine Forest Mountains of northwestern Humboldt County at an elevation of 6,400 feet.  The dam was rebuilt in 1988 following Nevada Department of Wildlife’s purchase of 500 acre-feet minimum pool from the current landowner.  This lake is one of Nevada’s most beautiful.

Pertinent Information

Knott Creek Reservoir covers 216 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 24 feet.  Fish include rainbow trout, bowcutt trout (rainbow x cutthroat trout hybrid), and tiger trout (brown x brook trout hybrid) that generally grow to 30 inches.  It is a very productive lake and anglers are known to catch up to 20 fish per day.  The best times to fish is usually during in June and October.  The most productive fly patterns during the early season include emergers and leeches, and later in the season include damselflies and dark wooly buggers.  Other successful lures include Flatfish and dark colored spinners.  Camping around the lake is primitive.  


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Nevada Fishing Regulations

Boating Regulations

A vessel must be operated at a speed that leaves a flat wake, but in no case may a vessel be operated at a speed in excess of 5 nautical miles per hour.


Travel north out of Winnemucca 33 miles on US 95, turning left onto SR 140 and on to Denio Junction (100 miles from Winnemucca) before turning left and traveling 9 miles before turning south onto the Knott Creek Road. Follow the Knott Creek Road for 7 miles to the junction of Sand Pass Road, then another 7 miles into Knott Creek Reservoir. Be prepared for rough and slippery roads. A vehicle with 4x4 and high clearance is advised, and towed trailers, cab over campers, and tent trailers are not recommended.


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