Lamoille Creek

Map of Lamoille Creek

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This stream is one of the largest in the Ruby Mountains, which begins at Lamoille Lake.  Nearly the entire length of Lamoille Creek is fishable, from the parking area at the head of the canyon to the Forest Service boundary below.  Lamoille Canyon is breathtaking, offering incredible views and has numerous hiking trails.

Pertinent Information

The average flow in Lamoille Creek is 3 to 5 cubic feet per second (cfs), but it may peak at 100 to 500 cfs during spring runoff in May and June.  Wild brook trout occur throughout the entire 10 miles of stream down to the Forest Service property boundary and a few wild rainbow trout can be found below the Forest Service campground.  The best time to fish is after spring runoff from July to October and for the most productive fishing, use bait (worms) or flies.  Rainbow trout generally range from 10 to 11 inches.  The Forest Service has a campground at Thomas Creek, but there are a few primitive camping areas near Right Fork.  Picnic areas are also available.  


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From Elko, follow State Route 227 to Lamoille Canyon. The road is paved.


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