Onion Valley Reservoir

Map of Onion Valley Reservoir

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Onion Valley Reservoir was constructed in the early 1960s as an irrigation reservoir.

Pertinent Information

Onion Valley Reservoir covers 101 acres when full and has maximum depth of 24 feet. Fish species include rainbow trout, bowcutt trout (rainbow x cutthroat hybrid), and tiger trout (brown x brook hybrid). Trout generally range in size from 9 to 16 inches, with an occasional 20 inch fish showing up. Anglers catch up to 15 fish per day. The best times of year to fish are usually mid-June when damsel flies hatch and from mid-October to the end of the season (November 15). The standards, worms and Power Bait, generally are productive along with flies (nymphs) fished from float tubes. Camping occurs at primitive sites and there is an outhouse at the south end of the lake. Aspen stringers help make this lake a beautiful place to camp.


1,000 tiger trout, 15,000 bowcutt trout, and 9,000 rainbow trout are scheduled to be stocked in the spring and fall. Fall stocking numbers may be adjusted based on the water level.


The fishing season runs from the second Saturday in June through the 15th of November. Limit is 5 trout per day. Use of live bait is prohibited.

Boating Regulations

A vessel must be operated at a speed that leaves a flat wake, but in no case may a vessel be operated at a speed in excess of 5 nautical miles per hour.


Travel north out of Winnemucca 31 miles, turning left onto SR 140 and on to Denio Junction (100 miles from Winnemucca) before turning left again for another 9 miles. Then turn south onto the Knott Creek Road. Follow the signs to the top of the hill, another 20 miles. Note: Wet spring conditions can make for difficult driving conditions and a four-wheel drive vehicle is usually required to reach the reservoir.


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