Paradise Park Ponds

Map of Paradise Park Ponds

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In 1958, the late Mr. Roger Teglia purchased the gravel pit that was to become Paradise Park Ponds. Rainbow trout were successfully reared there and then sold to anglers. In 1964, Mr. Teglia sold the ponds and adjacent property to the City of Reno. Since 1965, Nevada Department of Wildlife has stocked the ponds primarily with rainbow trout. Between 1997 and 1998, both the north and south ponds were deepened and sealed. An aeration system was installed to help with the low oxygen.

Pertinent Information

The Paradise Pond complex consists of two large ponds and two smaller ponds that cover a total of 24 acres. The large ponds are approximately 18 feet deep and have numerous boulder structures, which were added to enhance fish habitat. Since 1998, when the ponds were reconstructed, they have been stocked with rainbow and brown trout, bluegill, and channel catfish. Paradise Park has handicap accessible fishing areas, including three fishing piers on the north pond and one on the south pond. Anglers generally catch an average of about 0.5 fish per day. A 24 inch, 7 pound channel catfish was caught in 2007.


The two large ponds are stocked with 1,000 rainbow trout in the spring and 1,000 in the fall. Channel catfish are expected to be stocked in early summer.


Open year round, during public park hours. Limit is 3 game fish.

Boating Regulations

No special regulations apply.


Paradise Park is located in the City of Reno on the corner of Oddie Boulevard and Silverada. From US 395, take the Oddie Blvd. exit and travel east for approximately 1 mile, the ponds are on the south side of the road.


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