Thomas Creek

Map of Thomas Creek

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Brook trout were stocked into Whites and Thomas creeks from the 1950s until 1971 and they continue to thrive on their own today. Between 1951 and 1966, cutthroat trout was stocked; however, they no longer occur there. Rainbow trout have been stocked into both streams since 1951 and continue to be stocked annually.

Pertinent Information

Both Whites and Thomas creeks originate from the east side of the Carson Range at approximately 9,000 feet. At 6,000 feet, the creeks leave the Carson Range and flow onto the upper slopes of the Truckee Meadows and ultimately empty into Steamboat Creek. On their way down the mountain, each creek runs through a matrix of U.S. Forest Service land and private property. By the time the creeks reach US 395, they are fairly channelized and provide poor habitat for trout. Fish include brook and rainbow trout. Brook trout tend to be found in the higher elevations, while rainbow do better in the lower sections. The most recent fish surveys indicate that the trout population in the upper section of Whites Creek (above Timberline Drive) is fairly low, which is probably due to the high gradient of the stream and scarcity of pools. Thomas Creek exhibits more abundant populations of both rainbow and brook trout. Camping is unimproved.


Whites and Thomas creeks receive approximately 1,000 rainbow trout each in spring.


General regulations apply. Limit is 5 trout. Open year around, any hour of the day or night.

Biologist Forecast for 2013

Lower Whites Creek and upper Thomas Creek should provide the best fishing. Anglers can expect to find hatchery rainbows or wild brook and rainbow trout in both streams.


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