NDOW Outdoor Education Programs

NDOW's mission: "Connecting people to wildlife in a positive way."

From our largest urban cities to our smallest towns, Nevada has unparalleled opportunities to use and enjoy abundant fish and wildlife resources. Outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing are all vital parts of our heritage and provide people with many outdoor recreation experiences each year. We know that getting outdoors helps people lead healthier and happier lives, both through increased physical activity and the consumption of healthy wild foods.

Being a confident, competent, and ethical outdoor enthusiast requires knowledge and skills. Not everyone learned these skills as a youth, and even seasoned outdoor enthusiasts have plenty to learn. Nature and outdoor skills offer a lifetime of study that can be enjoyed individually or as a family.

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Hunter Education

Hunter Education will teach you the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to become a safe and responsible hunter. Hunter Education is a requirement to hunt in Nevada.
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Archery Education

NDOW's archery skills clinics teach people how too safely and responsibly hunt, and participate in archery activities.

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Angler Education

From beginner to advanced, spin casting to fly fishing, we offer the fishing clinics to help you become a successful angler.

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Wildlife Education

Want to learn about Nevada's wildlife?  Check out our wide range of family friendly programs to learn all sorts of cool facts.

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