How to Fish in Nevada

The easiest way to learn to fish is through one of NDOW's free fishing clinics.

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Helpful Tips

  • For an enjoyable outing you will need good equipment. Spend at least $25 for a good pole and reel. Fishing poles with your favorite cartoon characters on them may look cute, but you and your child will most likely have a better fishing experience by simply spending a few extra dollars on a simple but quality setup.
  • Even more important than the pole and reel is good line. Buy the best line you can afford for the reel.
  • For bait, our angling instructors recommend using Power Bait®, mealworms, eggs and worms.

Getting Setup

  • For starters, tie on a # 10 hook (if the hook is barbed, smash the barb for the safety of children).
  • Place a BB sized split-shot approximately 12 inches up from the bait.
  • Place a bobber three feet up from the split-shot (pictured below)

how to tie a line
Another thing to keep in mind is make it fun! Children get bored easily and if the fish aren't biting, then there's usually other wildlife to look at including frogs and insects.