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There are no special certification requirements for bowhunters in Nevada. Please keep in mind, however, that all hunters born after January 1, 1960 are required to provide proof of Hunter Education, in order to purchase a Nevada hunting license.

Per Nevada Law, (NAC 503.144), during an archery hunt it is illegal for a person to carry any firearm into the field while hunting. For archery hunts, a longbow (includes any recurved bow or compound bow) and arrow must, in the hands of the user, be capable of throwing a 400-grain arrow 150 yards over level terrain. Arrows used in hunting big game animals must have hunting tips at least 7/8 inch wide. There are a number of archery and any legal weapon hunts offered throughout the year. Animals that can be taken by longbow and arrow include those designated as small game mammals, game birds, migratory game birds, turkey and big game in designated archery and any legal weapon hunt seasons. Check our seasons and regulations page for more information.

Bowhunter Education Field Days Schedule

Bowhunter Education certification classes consist of two parts. Online study material and testing and an in person field day. Both of which must be completed to receive a Nevada Bowhunter Certification.

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For more archery information contact:

  • Holly Stuckey - (702) 486-5127 ext. 3504
  • Dawn Baugh - (775) 688-1622
  • Julia Ketcham - (775) 688-1915
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