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Bow Hunting Education


There are no special education requirements for bowhunters  in Nevada. Please keep in mind, however, that all hunters born after January 1, 1960 are required to provide proof of Hunter Education, in order to purchase a Nevada hunting license.

Per Nevada Law, (NAC 503.144), during an archery hunt it is illegal for a person to carry any firearm into the field while hunting. For archery hunts, a longbow (includes any recurved bow or compound bow) and arrow must, in the hands of the user, be capable of throwing a 400-grain arrow 150 yards over level terrain. Arrows used in hunting big game animals must have hunting tips at least 7/8 inch wide. There are a number of archery and any legal weapon hunts offered throughout the year. Animals that can be taken by longbow and arrow include those desginated as small game mammals, game birds, migratory game birds, turkey and big game in designated archery and any legal weapon hunt seasons. Check our seasons and regulations page for more information.

Online Bow Hunting Education

Just like the Traditional Bowhunter course, the Online Bowhunter course is composed of two parts. The only difference between the Traditional and Online course is that the study and chapter review requirements of "Today's Bowhunter" for the online course, is completed independently on the internet. After successfully passing the Online Field Day Qualifier Exam on the internet, you must attend a Field Day specifically designed for online students

There are a few EASY steps to enroll in an Online Bowhunter Education course.

  1. To complete the online portion of the Online Bowhunter Education course, you will need an adequate computer, printer, and Internet access.
  2. Check the online field day course schedule to ensure that one of the field days fits into your schedule before committing to an online course. The link to the field day schedule is at the bottom of this page.
  3. Study the material in Today's Bowhunter and complete the chapter review questions. Re-study any material you may have answered incorrectly.
  4. When you have studied all the chapters, take the Practice Test as many times as you like, "free of charge" to ensure you've mastered the course material. A different set of questions is presented each time you take the Practice Test.
  5. To become eligible for admittance to a Field Day, take the 50 question Field Day Qualifier Exam. There is a $30.00 charge for the online exam. This fee is collected whether you pass or fail. A score of 80% is required for passing the exam.
  6. Upon passing the Field Day Qualifier Exam, you can print out your official NBEF/IBEP Field Day Qualifier Certificate. Sign up online for a Field Day event in your area. The Field Day will include a short review of Nevada specific issues, field course demonstrations, shooting and blood trailing exercise with a certified instructor. 
  7. The student must successfully complete the online test, blood trailing course, and shooting skill section to be certified

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Online Bow Hunting Education Field Days

NDOW may offer various bow hunting education courses throughout the year. Please check calendar for current information

Archery Skills Clinics

From our largest urban cities to our smallest towns, Nevada has unparalleled opportunities to use and enjoy abundant fish and wildlife resources. Outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and viewing are all vital parts of our heritage and provide people with many outdoor recreation experiences each year. We know that getting outdoors helps people lead happier and healthier lives, both through increased physical activity and the consumption of healthy wild foods.

Being a confident, competent, and ethical outdoors person requires knowledge and skills. Not everyone learned these skills as a youth, and even seasoned outdoors people have plenty to learn. Nature and outdoor skills offer a lifetime of study that can be enjoyed individually or as a family.

Our skills clinics teach people how too safely and responsibly hunt, and participate in archery activities. They are also designed to promote an understanding of Nevada's fish and wildlife conservation and management principles. There are opportunities available for people of all ages and abilities to learn more about archery.

Bow Hunting Education Classes

NDOW may offer various bow hunting education courses throughout the year. Please check back to this page for current information

For more archery information contact Tim Thomas at (775) 688-1499