Help Keep Nevada Bears Safe

There are a few things you can do to keep both you and Nevada's black bears safe and out of trouble... Bear Cub in Tree
Never feed a bear.

Bears may like to eat what you eat, but it is not good for them. It is best if bears get their food from the forest (berries, grasses, bugs, and other yummy things.)
Bear Manzanita
Remind your parents to use bear safe garbage containers.

Bears are pretty smart, and they can figure out how to get into garbage cans filled with good smelling food. Remind your parents to put their garbage out the morning of pick up, or better yet, to get a bear proof garbage container.
Don't leave pet food outside.

If you feed your dog outside, be sure to bring in any food that isn't eaten. If you don't, bears may come into your yard to finish up the leftovers.
Dog Food
Clean that barbeque.

Mmmm... That barbeque sure smelled good when your parents were cooking up dinner, and bears think so too. Remind your parents to clean up the barbeque after dinner is done so it won't attract bears into your neighborhood.
Remove bird feeders.

Birds aren't the only ones who may be visiting the feeder. It may sound strange, but bears are attracted to the bird seed or nectar in a bird feeder. If you live in bear country, have your parents take down the bird feeders so it won't attract bears into your neighborhood.
Never keep food in your tent, when you're camping, and keep your camp clean.

Bears can smell food from far away, and a tent will not stop them from getting into a tent if it has food in it. Store food in a bear proof container when you are camping. You may also want to put toothpaste and deodorant in a bear proof container, too.
Make lots of noise when you're hiking.

If you are hiking in bear habitat, you don't want to surprise a bear. Also, make sure that an adult with you has pepper spray, and that they know how to use it.
Remember, the most important thing to remember is to NEVER FEED A BEAR, and to KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.

Help keep Nevada's bears wild! Be responsible with your food and trash in bear country, and tell your parents, friends and neighbors to do the same.
Responsible Bear