Meet Stryker the Bear Dog

I have the best job a dog could ever ask for. I get to ride around in a truck, chase bears in the forest, and get pettings from just about everyone.

Here I am looking for a bear den buried in the snow. We found the den, and that bear was sound asleep, and smelllllllly!
 stryker in the snow
This is a bear trap. Biologists at Nevada Department of Wildlife use this trap to capture bears that are getting into trouble, or spending too much time in a neighborhood.  Bear Trap
Here I am, looking out for this black bear, who is just sleeping. This bear was getting into garbage and spending too much time in neighborhoods. We helped neighbors learn how to keep their garbage away from bears and other wildlife, but this bear learned where he could easily find food, and kept coming back.

NDOW biologists trapped the bear, then gave him a shot that made him go to sleep. Then, they made sure the bear was healthy by taking his temperature, measuring him, listening to his heart and finding out how old he was. Then, he got a brand new ear tag and collar so NDOW biologists would be able to track him once he was let back into the wild.
 Stryker Watching
This bear was fast! ...but so am I!

After a bear is trapped and biologists make sure it's healthy, we let the bear go if it isn't dangerous.

Then I get to run as fast as I can after a bear and try to chase it up a tree. If I run fast enough and bark loud enough, the bear will remember not to come around houses anymore - a good thing for everybody!
 Stryker Running with Bear
 Look at the bear in the tree! Black bears can scramble up a tree in no time flat They're fast!

You can't see me, but that bear is looking right down at me. I'm telling her to stay in the forest, and stay away from garbage. I reminded her that the forest is a much better place to hang out than a stinky old dumpster or somebody's house.
 Bear in the Tree