Volunteer - Become an Outdoor Education Instructor

The Application

Applications for Outdoor Education Instructors are available at the Reno, Fallon, Elko, and Las Vegas NDOW offices or download the form by clicking on the link below. Return the application to the regional hunter education contact in your area:

Regional Outdoor Education Contacts:

  • Western Nevada: Hunter Education and Shooting Sports: Dawn Andersen, (775) 688-1622, Angler Education: Jan Nemec, (775) 688-1963, Wildlife Education: Jessica Heitt, (775) 334-3808
  • Eastern Nevada: Hunter Education and Shooting Sports: Joe Doucette, (775) 777-2305, Wildlife Education: Julie Gabrielson, (775) 777-2391
  • Southern Nevada: Hunter Education and Shooting Sports: Martin Olson (702) 486-5127 ext. 3501, Angler Education: Abbey Czarnecki, (702) 486-5127 ext. 3503, Wildlife Education: Jess Brooks, (702) 486-5127 ext. 3502
  • Statewide Archery Coordinator: Holly Brisendine - (702) 486-5127 ext. 3504

The Background Check

Once NDOW receives your completed application, you will be required to be fingerprinted for a criminal background check. NDOW will provide all required documentation and pay for the background check. Instructor candidates (you) pay for the rolling fees (if any) and will be reimbursed upon certification. Once you have cleared the background check, your information is entered into NDOW’s instructor database and you will be assigned an instructor number.

The Instructors Packet

After completing your background check, you will attend training conducted by your regional coordinator where you will receive an instructor’s packet with copies of various publications, a training tape/DVD, a copy of the Instructors Guide, an Instructors Handbook and a Workbook.

The Training

There are three types of training for Nevada Outdoor Education instructors. You must participate in new instructor training before being certified, but you only have to do it once. Once you complete the new instructor training you’re an active instructor. You can help teach classes and participate in any of the training or instructor activities. Then, you can attend in-service training (mid-winter dinners) and the Outdoor Education Academy as often as you wish. You will need to attend training at least once every two years to maintain your certification.

The Classes

You must participate in two classes with certified instructors in order to become certified. You complete the first as a student and the second as an assistant instructor. After initial certification you will need to teach at least one class every two years to maintain your certification.


Once you’ve completed all the above steps, you will receive certification from NDOW and are qualified to teach classes as a lead or assistant instructor scheduled in cooperation with your regional coordinator. You will also begin receiving the instructor publications and other NDOW mailings.