Washoe Lake Wetlands

Washoe RangerThe Washoe Lake Wetlands trails help students and other visitors understand the importance of wetland habitats in Nevada through education. This wetlands mitigation site now is sanctuary for the Bald Eagle and many shore birds along the Pacific Flyway. Students attending the Washoe Lake Wetlands field trips learn wildlife and aquatic education, while local community sportsmen enjoy the trails improved for access to the shoreline.

Watersheds, wetlands and aquatic insects and the Pacific Flyway birds are the main focus of the field trips to the Washoe Lake Wetlands site. While at the wetlands, students observe migratory birds from the viewing platform or the observation tower. At the water edge, field microscopes are utilized to identify insects and help bring the ecological cycles to the area more alive and fun!


The Washoe Lake Wetlands Site located in Washoe Valley.


Follow I 395 South to Exit 42, turn left on Eastlake Blvd, proceed 9/10 mile to the Wetlands Mitigation Site, and make a left turn into the entrance.


The Washoe Lake Wetlands provide nesting habitat for migratory and native birds. The site is closed to the public from February 1 through July 15th annually for bird nesting season.

All visitors are asked to be aware that the wetland site is open during hunting season. Hunting is open at the Washoe Lake Wetlands. Click this link for more information Waterfowl/Migratory Bird Seasons and Regulations.

Additional Information

Washoe Lake Wetlands Brochure

Download the Washoe Lake Wetlands Field Guide brochure in PDF format. This informative brochure gives visitors some fun and learning -based activities to do while visiting the wetlands, and provides information on the following:

  • Washoe Lake Wetlands Overview
  • Birds of Washoe Lake Wetlands
  • Aquatic Insects of Washoe Lake Wetlands
  • Native Wetland Plants
  • Track Around the Wetlands