Nevada Angler Recognition Program

Angler-RecognitionAlthough Nevada is the driest of all states, it has over 200 lakes and reservoirs and 600 streams and rivers that provide nearly 400,000 acres of sport fishing opportunity. There are 11 coldwater, 18 warmwater and various hybrid sport fishes for angling recreation. With diverse natural resources providing multiple fishing opportunities in our state, Nevada Department of Wildlife encourages you to get out and fish and we have designed several programs to distinguish your angling effort. For the Trophy Fish Program, you are challenged with catching fish of large trophy sizes. The Native Fish-Slam Program recognizes you for catching the six native sport fishes found in Nevada and the Nevada First Fish Award is for anyone catching their very first fish. Whatever your challenge, we hope that you enjoy the quality fishing that Nevada has to offer. Good luck fishing in Nevada.

Trophy Fish    First Fish   Slam Program