Beaver Creek Project

Project Location: Beaver Creek, Elko County, Nevada
Date Completed: Fall 2005

Beaver Creek is a tributary to Maggie Creek and each stream supports populations of Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT). However, this barrier prevented fish from moving between the two streams and limited connectivity between the populations. In addition to preventing fish passage, the original culverts were unable to accommodate flood flows, which damaged the county road and made it impassable to vehicles.

The pre-project conditions consisted of two undersized culverts that were perched 10 feet above the stream and created a drop that fish could not jump. To remedy the problem, the non-functioning culverts were replaced with an embedded circular culvert designed to simulate the natural stream channel conditions.

No problems were encountered following severe flooding in January and April of 2006. The new design has greatly reduced road maintenance costs for Elko County. As of 2008, the culvert continues to provide successful passage for all life stages and forms of aquatic life.

 Beaver Creek Pre-project Condition – 2004 Beaver Creek Post-construction Condition – 2005 Beaver Creek Functioning Condition - 2006
 Pre-project Condition – 2004  Post-construction Condition – 2005  Functioning Condition - 2006