Little Jack Creek Project

Project Location: Little Jack Creek, Elko County, Nevada
Date Completed: Fall 2005

Little Jack Creek feeds into Jack Creek, which is a tributary to Maggie Creek. As with the above barriers, this barrier prevented movement of Lahontan cutthroat trout and limited the connectivity between populations. LCT and Columbia spotted frogs were found stranded below this outlet as the stream channel dried up after spring flows.

Pre-project conditions consisted of a single, undersized culvert that was significantly perched above the stream. The culvert created a vertical and velocity barrier that prevented passage of all aquatic species. As with the other culverts, the old structure at Little Jack Creek did not convey high flows, caused damage to the roads, and made them impassable to motor vehicles.

The non-functioning culvert was replaced with a large box-style culvert. The new structure is functioning and allows passage of all aquatic life forms under a variety of flow conditions. The new structure accommodated the high flood flows in May of 2006 and will reduce county road maintenance needs.

Although the culvert is fully functional, there is some indication the structure may be accumulating too much sediment. The downstream elevation control weir (visible as white rock in the spring 2008 picture) was designed to allow for backwatering of the structure and passage of smaller life forms. Ideally, the sediment that has accumulated in the structure will be scoured out under high flow conditions.

 Little Jack Creek Pre-project Condition – Spring 2004  Little Jack Creek Post-construction Condition – Fall 2005
 Pre-project Condition – Spring 2004  Post-construction Condition – Fall 2005
 Little Jack Creek Functioning Condition – Spring 2006 Little Jack Creek Functioning Condition – Spring 2008
 Functioning Condition – Spring 2006  Functioning Condition – Spring 2008