Maggie Creek Project

Project Location: Maggie Creek, Elko County, Nevada
Date Completed: Fall 2005

Maggie Creek supports a population of Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT) and serves to connect a number of small tributaries that also contain LCT. A few of the tributaries include Jack Creek, Little Jack Creek, Coyote Creek and Beaver Creek. Fish-migration barriers exist on a number of these tributaries; however, current management practices are fixing the structures and improving connectivity among these fish populations.

The pre-project condition on the main-stem of Maggie Creek consisted of a single non-functional culvert that created a complete barrier to upstream movement for all aquatic species. Additionally, the structure was only able to marginally satisfy the irrigation needs for Maggie Creek Ranch.

In 2005, the existing irrigation diversion structure was destroyed during a flood event. Subsequently, in the fall of 2005 a double culvert system with baffled weirs was designed and installed. The new culvert and weir system provided successful fish passage and satisfied the ranch’s irrigation needs. The structure survived elevated flows in January of 2006, but was severely damaged by flooding in April of 2006.

The Maggie Creek Ranch completed repairs to the structure in fall of 2006. As of May 2008, the new structure appears to be allowing fish passage and satisfying irrigation demands under these flow conditions. Problems associated with the upstream side of the structure may result in reduced fish passage under low flow conditions and additional modifications may be necessary in the future.

Maggie Creek Pre-project Condition – Summer 2005  Maggie Creek Functioning Condition – January 2006 Maggie Creek Maggie Creek Functioning Condition 2 – January 2006
 Pre-project Condition – Summer 2005
 Functioning Condition – January 2006
 Maggie Creek Non-functioning Condition - June 2006 Maggie Creek Functioning Condition – May 2008  Functioning Condition 2 – May 2008
Non-functioning Condition - June 2006
Functioning Condition – May 2008