Mary's River Project

Project Location: Mary’s River, Elko County, Nevada
Date Completed: Currently in the permitting process

The Mary’s River supports a significant metapopulation of LCT that includes the main-stem of the Mary’s and numerous tributary streams.

The pre-project condition consisted of a series of four non-functioning culvers that created a barrier to upstream movement of LCT. The culvert system also contributed to an upstream headcut and increased downstream sedimentation.

In 1999 the four culverts were removed and replaced with a multi-plate low profile arch with end walls. However, the bridge was not installed correctly and the spring runoff in 2000 resulted in a stress fracture along one of the footings. Later that year, the damaged arch was replaced with a new arch. The new bridge functioned well until the spring of 2006 when runoff flows of 2,508 cfs (greater than a 100 year flow event) undermined the southwest corner of the bridge and resulted in the partial collapse of the bridge. Currently, the plan is to replace the 2000 bridge with a clear span bridge in 2009. Riprap will be used to stabilize adjacent stream-bank material.

Mary's River Pre-project Condition  Mary's Rover Post-Construction  Mary's Rover Non-functioning
 Pre-project Condition – 1999  Post-construction Condition – 2000  Non-functioning Condition – Date Unknown