Eastern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 2/06/2016


The road to Angel Lake is closed. There will be no further reports until late next spring or early summer depending upon snow conditions.


Cave Lake is covered with ten to twelve inches of ice with six to ten inches of slush and snow on top at last report. Expect fishing to be good using the usual assortment of worms, mealworms or PowerBait.


Lots of snow and the lake is 100% ice covered. You can’t drive to the lake, but you can walk down from the main road. However, no word on the thickness, so drill a test hole close to shore before venturing upon it. No report on how the fishing is here.


This lake is covered approximately 10 to 12 inches of ice with six inches to a foot of snow at last report. Expect good fishing using the usual assortment of jigs, worms and PowerBait. Local anglers like to use a black marabou jig tipped with a worm. Access to the lake is difficult due to snow depth. It is 4WD only and anglers should be very careful driving into the lake.


Approximately 14 inches of ice with a crust of snow on to and fishing has been good for trout. One angler pulled several fish including one 19 inch trout through the ice on Thursday. Anglers are using PowerBait or worms with success.


Construction on the reservoir is complete and the low pool area even held some water after the rains earlier in the summer. Pray for snow next winter to fill it and if this happens then NDOW will stock it with trout, largemouth bass and bluegill in the spring of 2016. It all depends on Mother Nature.


Stream flows are close to normal for this time of year, many of the streams that hold trout have ice and snow on them and the shorelines are covered with ice and snow making fishing difficult. Expect stream fishing to be slow.


Due to the snow at higher elevations, travel in the high country is not recommended at this time except for experienced backcountry travelers. Lakes are iced over.


Harrison Pass is closed due to snow and anglers should plan on accessing the Refuge through Secret Pass. Secret Pass does experience drifting near the top, so take care here as well. As a general rule anglers can almost always find some open water here due to flows and the numerous springs even during very cold weather. The ditch is approximately 85% ice covered and access to much of the dish is by foot only as the roads that leave the main Ruby Valley Road and head into the refuge haven’t been plowed. Bring your snowshoes or skis. Egg patterns and small nymphs such as hares ears and pheasant tails are working in the pond behind the hatchery. However, prince nymphs and small streamers fished actively and stripped in quickly seem to be very effective. Be careful when passing cars on the Ruby Valley Road to not get over too far. Once you get a tire started towards the borrow ditch off of the road, it is hard to get back on the road.


South Fork ice is averaging nine to eleven inches thick with some snow on top. Trout have been cruising the shallows with most being caught in less than 10 feet of water. Jet Ski Beach has been the popular spot, but don’t be afraid to move around the lake. Fish are averaging 15 to 20 inches. Best success seems to be when anglers use a small jig, spoon or fly and tipping it with a worm or mealworm and jigging it slightly. On the high pressure days, the fishing seems to really slow down, but when the pressure starts dropping, as when a storm is getting ready to move in, the bite picks up.


Wild Horse is covered with an average of about 14 inches of inches of good hard ice with a layer of slush and then a layer of one to three inches of ice on top of the slush. On top of that mess, is about six inches of snow. The top layer of ice is thin enough in places that ATV’s break through into the slush and then get stuck, so keep the ATV’s off of the ice and either walk or use a snowmobile. Expect fishing to be slow for larger fish and slow to fair for 10 to 14 inch fish. However, when anglers are catching large fish they are generally larger than 23 inches and averaging around five pounds! The Wild Horse Trout Derby is on Presidents Day Weekend, Feb. 13 and 14. For more information call the Wild Horse Resort at 775-690-9830.


Extremely low water levels with warm water make this reservoir a poor choice for fishing. Not worth the trip.


The road is 4WD only and the ice here is approximately seven to nine inches thick with a crust of snow on top. Fishing has been fair to good using the usual PowerBait, worms or corn. Snow is in the forecast for this area this weekend, so go prepared.