Eastern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 1/16/2015

NDOW Announces No Limit on Game Fish at Wildhorse and Willow Creek


The road is closed to the lake and there will be no fishing reports for Angel Lake until late May of 2015.


Cave Lake has between seven and eight inches of hard ice with about an inch of snow and slush on top. Anglers continue to have good luck with small spinners, PowerBait, worms and salmon eggs. That being said, the trout at Cave Lake aren’t too particular and will take just about any presentation.

Cold Creek Reservoir

The reservoir is about 95% ice covered with the northern half of the lake covered with four to eight inches of ice. The southern half of the lake has two to four inches of spongy ice and should be considered unsafe. The south end at last check still had some open water with actively rising fish being seen.. There is still some open water on the southern end where bank fishing can take place as fish are still active and rising. Anglers should drill test holes before venturing too far upon the ice.


Illipah Reservoir is 100% ice covered with about eight to nine inches of hard ice and an inch or so of slush. Anglers are catching fish averaging 12 to 17 inches in five to nine feet of water using the usual assortment of nightcrawlers, mealworms and crappie jigs.


No recent report. Expect the lake to be ice covered. Check the thickness close to shore before venturing upon it.


Construction is almost complete at this Elko County Reservoir that has been dry for the past five or six years. All that is left is some mechanical work on the outflow mechanism for irrigation, rip rap on the dam and the spillway channel and a bentonite clay “wall” around the deep water pool in the middle of the lake. With some help from Mother Nature in the form of snow this winter, and anglers may be lucky enough to be fishing this beautiful little gem by early summer.


Stream flows have increased a bit with the warmer weather following the snows of the past couple of weeks. Expect slippery bank conditions due to some snow and mud, especially early in the morning. Worms, PowerBait, small spinners, the usual assortment of small nymph and streamer flies should all work. If fishing eastern Nevada streams make sure to slow down your presentation. Fish the slower water as the trout’s metabolism slows down with the cooler water temperatures. But expect fishing to be slow.


Travel isn’t recommended to the high Alpine Lakes in the Ruby Mountains and the East Humboldt Range due to snow. There will be no fishing reports for the high mountain lakes until next spring or summer, depending upon the snowpack.


Fishing continues to be good here in the collection ditch and in the oxbow behind the hatchery. However, anglers are catching a fair amount of small fish (8 to 12 inches) before catching one of the larger trout. One particularly large trout in the oxbow has been laughing at the anglers, shunning just about every fly thrown its way. The go to fly seems to be the hares ear, with the pheasant tail nymph close behind. Also egg patterns and flies that have some red in them do seem to be working. For spin fishermen the usual assortment of small spinners and minnow type lures are all effective here. The ditch is artificial lures and flies only. Harrison Pass is closed, use Secret Pass.


South Fork has about 5 to 6 inches of good hard clear ice. However, there is no snow on top and it is very slick. Anglers should wear some sort of cleats on their boots for safety. The other issue with South Fork is that the clear ice allows the fish to see you very easily on a sunny day and so anglers should strive to keep still and stay back from the ice holes and fishing rods. Fishing has been slow to fair and until the high pressure system moves out and we get some snow cover on the ice along with some clouds, fishing may continue to be just fair. Anglers should use the usual assortment of PowerBait, worms or jigs and fish near the bottom, working their way up the water column until you get some action.


Wild Horse has about 8 inches of good hard clear ice with about two inches of snow on top and fishing has been typical for this time of year. In other words just fair. Some days anglers are catching a few fish, while other days, they are catching very few fish. However fishing here is better than at South Fork. The snow on top of the ice helps hide anglers from the fish below. Fish have been taking the presentations so lightly that anglers really need to pay attention. The water depth off of the state park boat ramp is between six and eight feet in depth and trout are being caught about four feet under the ice. The usual PowerBait, worms and jigs should be used here. The ice skating rink off of the state park boat ramp is open for skating and the state park is open to camping.


Water is only about 10% of capacity and is covered with unsafe ice.


The lake has come up about a foot and a half due to the recent precipitation and snow melt. The ice is only two inches or less, spongy and very unsafe with soft edges. The road is 4WD only. Not worth the trip with the warm weather forecast.