Eastern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 12/9/2016


The road to Angel is closed for the winter and there will not be any fishing reports for this lake until late spring or early summer depending upon snowpack and temperatures.


Cave Lake is covered with very unsafe ice. With next weekend’s lows approaching zero, it won’t be long until we have safe ice here. However, early in the season, ice conditions can change very rapidly, so always check the thickness before getting too far from shore.


No recent report for this lake. It is probably covered with unsafe ice and with the precipitation forecast, anglers may have to walk in only to find it unfishable.


Comins is covered with unsafe ice. Like Cave, low temperatures here will be approaching the zero degree mark late next week so if there isn’t any snow covering the lake, it should gain some thickness. The problem with that is that there is a good chance of snow forecast for most of next week. With the wet weather, the road into the lake could also be a problem.


The lake is 100% covered with unsafe ice. Expect to wait at least a few weeks for the ice to be safe as long as the weather cooperates with cold weather. The wrinkle is that there is snow forecast for next week and this could provide an insulating layer on the ice keeping it from gaining any thickness from the cold air temperatures at night.


Jakes Creek is covered with unsafe ice, give it a week or so and then check the thickness before venturing too far from shore. We hope to have an ice report for next weekend’s fishing report.


This lake is frozen with unsafe ice. Due to the aerator which will be turned on shortly, don’t expect safe enough ice for ice fishing here this year.


Streams are turbid with above average flows for this time of year due to precipitation. If you can find calmer water such as beaver ponds, then the water may be clearer and that will be your best bet on our small streams. Best bets for fly rodders are small nymphs under an indicator and stripping small streamers or nymphs. Worms under a bobber or small spinners should be effective. Expect snowy and muddy conditions to travel to many of the fishable streams in the eastern region. The banks of the streams will also be muddy, icy and slippery, so dress appropriately and walk with extreme caution. If fishing the Bruneau expect to go in through Grasmere, ID. If fishing the Jarbidge, expect to go in through Rogerson, ID and through Murphy Hot Springs, ID.


Snow at the higher elevations and travel is not recommended except for experienced back country travellers. Lakes are icing up and there will be no further reports for the high country lakes until next spring.


Harrison Pass is snowed in and should be considered closed for the winter so anglers will need to travel the long way through Secret Pass. Most anglers are catching 12 to 14 inch tiger trout using a variety of flies, spinners and lures with an occasional 16-20 inch fish being taken in the collection ditch. Water through the ditch has increased flows especially along Brown Dike which seemed to turn the bite off with the big change. Fishing should be picking up as the fish get used to it. The collection ditch is artificial lures only. Fishing in the collection ditch will only get better as we get closer to winter.


There is ice in the coves and the south end of the lake but still some shoreline with open water to fish. The warm weather and even some rain here this week, is keeping the lake from freezing over. It looks like Sunday, December 11, will be the best day for fishing for the next 10 days as we are in a very wet cycle right now. Next weekend also has single digit low air temperatures, which will probably freeze the lake over, so take advantage of the open water this Sunday. The usual wooly buggers, seal buggers and leech patterns as well as the more common nymphs are all effective. Olive and/or rust colored balanced leeches along with chironomid patterns are producing trout at the south end. Trout are actively feeding on chironomids(midge larva). Orange seemed to be the best color for PowerBait. Bass fishing is slow and probably done for the year.


Surface water temperature is in the 30’s and the lake has frozen over once so far last weekend, but the winds broke up much of the ice. There is ice in the coves and at the south end with sheets of ice being blown around the open lake as of mid-week. With the unusual warm temperatures and rain, ice won’t be building this weekend, but next weekend the forecast calls for some single digit lows at night. We are in that in between time of not much open water and no safe ice here.


Extremely low water levels with warm water make this reservoir a poor choice for fishing. Not worth the trip.


With the recent precipitation, expect the road to be 4WD only and travel isn’t recommended. No recent report, but conditions are generally the same as at South Fork. If you do head in this direction for some chukar hunting, you may find some open water to wet a line. Use the same patterns and techniques as at South Fork.