Eastern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 11/20/2014

NDOW Announces No Limit on Game Fish at Wildhorse and Willow Creek


The road is closed to the lake and there will be no fishing reports for Angel Lake until late May of 2015.


The reservoir is at capacity and the water temperature is in the high 30’s. This lake is still ice free. Fall stocking has been completed with 12,174 rainbow trout being stocked in the month of October. The trout averaged about 9.4 inches in length when stocked. Fly fishing with beaded nymphs and wooly buggers should do well. Bait casters will do well using trout power bait, crappie nibbles and worms.

Cold Creek Reservoir

Cold Creek Reservoir was stocked in September with an unknown number of Bowcutt trout. Water temperature was 44 degrees upon check with reservoir slowly filling up after the summer time water withdrawal from the ranch below. On warm afternoons trout will be raising more consistently and in the mornings and evenings anglers will need to use beaded nymphs or sinking line to get the fly down where trout are feeding. LMB activity has shut down for the year, with angling becoming very difficult to non-existent. Expect ice to begin forming soon.


The water has cleared and the shorelines have dried out a fair amount. However ice is forming on the lake. The water temperature was 38 degrees with ice covering the entire portion of the reservoir south of the old dam and ice covering 1/3 of the water on the north side of the old dam. The ice is only about an inch in thickness and is very unsafe. With daytime highs expected in the 40’s over the next week here don’t expect much buildup in ice thickness. More than 7500 trout were stocked in Illipah during October. Once the ice is safe enough to go on, generally sometime after Christmas, expect good fishing.


Like many of the other area reservoirs, ice is forming here and chances are it will be a few weeks to a month before it is safe enough to venture upon.


Construction is almost complete at this Elko County Reservoir that has been dry for the past five or six years. All that is left is some mechanical work on the outflow mechanism for irrigation, rip rap on the dam and the spillway channel and a bentonite clay “wall” around the deep water pool in the middle of the lake. With some help from Mother Nature in the form of snow this winter, and anglers may be lucky enough to be fishing this beautiful little gem by early summer.


Stream flows have increased a bit, but there is ice forming on many of them. Expect slippery bank conditions due to ice and snow. If the projected precipitation happens this weekend, expect some dirtying up of the streams as runoff enters them. Worms, PowerBait, small spinners, the usual assortment of small nymph and streamer flies should all work. But expect fishing to be slow.


Lakes are all ice covered and with the snow expected this weekend, travel is not recommended into the high country. There will be no fishing reports for the high mountain lakes until next spring or summer, depending upon the snowpack.


Most of the still water has about an inch of ice on it including at the boat ramp. The collection ditch has open water. Unfortunately, the combination of daytime highs in the high 30’s to low 40’s and lots of springheads, don’t expect safe ice here any time soon. Fishing has been good for trout in the collection ditch and anglers report quality fish being caught in several areas of the ditch, with the oxbow behind the hatchery producing a few three to five pound fish. Small olive buggers, hare’s ears, damsel/dragonfly nymphs and leech patterns should all work. The ditch is artificial lures and flies only.


Water temperature is still in the 40’s and on the colder mornings there is some ice in the shallows at the south end of the lake. It won’t be long before we start seeing this lake to ice up either. The state park has taken the boat dock out of the water here. With the cooler temperatures trout are moving into shore especially first thing in the morning and early evening hours. Fishing has been good for trout. Fly rodders continue to catch fish using chironomids, hare’s ears, wooly bugger and leech patterns. Bass fishing is slowAnglers report fair to good fishing along Jet Ski Beach and the south end. Good success for trout along the old river channel at the south end of the lake. The eastern shore on either side of Tomera Cove has been fishing well, especially for fly rodders using the aforementioned copper Johns. Fishing has been good for trout at either end of the dam in the coves.


The lake is about 85% ice covered with unsafe ice. There are only a few spots to fish from shore, but if the winds come through this weekend, more may open up temporarily. However, a fair amount of snow is predicted, which will insulate the ice and keep it unsafe. So the moral of the story is to call ahead before you head up. Up to this time, fishing has been very good here as the few anglers who have made the trip and braved the cold have caught nice fish, and plenty of them. One pair from Boise caught 50 trout with fly rods last week. Fly rodders are having success with buggers, hare’s ears, leech patterns and chironomids. Fish the nymphs under an indicator and the buggers and leech patterns with an intermediate sink line in the shallows early in the morning. If fishing chironomids a slip-strike indicator allowing you to fish the fly right on the bottom with a floating line. Bait anglers are having luck with worms and PowerBait.


Water is only about 10% of capacity and is covered with unsafe ice.


Wilson is 30% full and the lake is about 90% ice covered with unsafe ice (approximately 1 inch thick). Combine that with the storm projected over the weekend, don’t make the trip.