Southern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 2/26/2015


NDOW is asking boaters to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of quagga mussels from the Colorado River system to other waters. Thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and towing vessel before traveling to another water.

LICENSE NEWS – The 2014 Nevada fishing and hunting licenses are now available. The license year runs from March 1 until the last day of February. Anglers should make sure they have the new license before venturing outdoors.


Rainbow or red PowerBait was the ticket this week for bait anglers with more tiger trout than rainbows being caught. Several anglers using Super Dupers with red spots also did well. The reservoir is ice free.


The reservoir saw more action this past week and warmer temps drew the rainbows up for more surface action. Fish have been taking dry flies. Anglers fishing with bait have found success with night crawlers or rainbow PowerBait.


Those anglers who have been out at first light are reporting more consistent success. Shad are still easily netted in the area of Vegas Wash, with more threadfin being caught recently than the gizzard shad. Anglers are finding the stripers not far from the schools of shad, many hanging in 40 to 50 feet of water. For those trolling lures, Shad Raps and Spinnows have been working well. Remember trying lures in various colorations may be the ticket to enticing the fish.


Reports are that anglers are hooking up with smallmouth bass in and around coves with night crawlers but plastic imitations are working well also. Anglers have had success catching stripers with one angler praising a Lucky Craft lure. For those heading out of Willow Beach Marina, the stripers are hanging out a little further south. Those trolling with eight- to nine-inch swimbaits have brought in stripers weighing between five and eight pounds.


Despite the recent storm activity, fishing has been improving. The action for striped bass has picked up with anglers reporting higher catch rates, most in the one- to four-pound range. Anchovies are the best bet for bait at this time for both stripers and catfish. Anglers in the area of Big Bend State Park have been catching catfish in the shallows with one angler reeling in a fish weighing nine pounds.


Anglers are finding some success at the upper marsh for panfish and catfish. Mealworms or night crawlers below a bobber will catch fish.


Dacey reservoir has been fishing well with trout in the 20- to 24-inch range taking barbless spinners or flies. All area reservoirs are ice free and fishing well. Trout are taking a variety of traditional baits and lures.


Due to an equipment failure in its water delivery system, and the subsequent loss of its rainbow trout stocks, the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery has suspended its recreational fish stocking program, which included weekly fish plants at Willow Beach. The hatchery did save and release approximately 11,000 trout in mid-December. Though their numbers will diminish over time, these and holdover fish from previous plants will provide anglers with an opportunity to fish for trout in the short term.


Though the ponds have all been receiving fish the trout have been reluctant to take many of the baits or lures which usually work well. Anglers using small hooks between sizes 10 and 14, along with lighter rigs and lures have been having the most success.