Western Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 4/4/14


Current flow is 398+ cfs. Fishing will be off and on with the ongoing snow melt. Look for increased flows in the next couple of weeks. The flows on the Carson are above 500 cfs, making conditions for fishing difficult and wading dangerous. The Carson run off this year should not last long, so look forward to good fishing in late May and the early June. Same methods of fishing should be applied this time of year. Lure fisherman should try Kastmasters and Blue fox lures. Salmon eggs drifted works well this time of year. Fly anglers try prince nymphs, gold ribbed hares ear and yellow stones. Stocked 3/26/14 with 2,000 rainbows.


Closed opens May 1


Walleye have been showing up in and around the beach areas. Best methods for Walleye have been worms trolled in a worm harness behind flashers and live minnows. Wipers should start showing up in the narrows. Best methods for wipers have been jigs and plastic worms fished shallow in the morning and evening. Low water levels but still fishable. There is still no boat access.


Fish have started to transition to the deeper water anywhere from 80 to 150 feet. Top lining still has been producing brown trout and rainbow near any structure type areas. While top lining, try using minnow plugs and spoons and make sure to change up often. The fish can be very selective this time of year. White dodgers trailing minnows is still a very effective method for Mackinaw.


The bass fishing has picked up in the last couple of weeks with the warmer weather. Anglers have been using top water baits and soft baits. For best results try drop shots and Texas Rig. Colors for soft baits have been root beer and black. Fly anglers for trout have reported success using midge patterns and copper johns.





Onion Valley Reservoir: Has dried up.

Blue Lakes: Closed

Knott Creek Reservoir: Closed


Bilk Creek Reservoir: Bilk Creek Reservoir has slowed down for trout fishermen as water temperatures increase. Bass fishing around those same weed beds will remain good throughout the summer. Anglers in float tubes casting top water poppers at the bass will catch fish. As things heat up, morning and evening fishing is recommended.

Humboldt County Small Streams:  Small streams in the Santa Rosa Mountains are all producing lots of brook trout. Abel, Singas, McConnell, Rebel and Canyon Creeks are small but full of fish.  

Chimney Reservoir:Chimney Reservoir makes the fishing report for the first time in a long time! Anglers are still catching 14 inch wipers. Fishing is best in morning and evening hours (when the wind isn't blowing).


Low waters and is fishing ok but should pick up again in March depending on water levels.


Anglers have reported good fishing with power bait in rainbow and orange. The weed bed continues to be a problem around Spooner Lake. If anglers do find an opening they should have some success. A water craft such as a float tube or kayak is key to unlocking this lake’s hold on fishing. Fly anglers have had luck using black, brown, and green Wooly Buggers. For fly anglers, a floating line this time of year is all you need but later in the year anglers will need to transition to an intermediate line for deeper presentation.


Fishing is starting to pick up. Largemouth fishing is picking up with the upper 50 degree water temperatures. Concentrate your efforts on the coves with shelves and drop offs. The bass will start transitioning from deep water to shallow for spawning. The males will move into the shallows but the females will still be in the transition zones feeding heavily until spawn. The trout fishing has been off. Boat anglers should try using Rapalas and nightcrawlers behind dodgers. Shore fishermen should try PowerBait, Power Eggs, salmon eggs, and nightcrawlers. The lake was recently stocked with 5,436 rainbows on 3/17/14.


The Truckee's current flow in Reno is 337 + cfs. Fly fisherman try using March Brown imitations and Blue Winged Olive May fly’s. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of streamers this time of year. Try sculpin and crayfish patterns for best streamer patterns. For traditional anglers this time of year floating salmon eggs, PowerBait and imitating bait fish work well. Fly anglers should concentrate on nymph fishing and streamers.


No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009. Launching is not possible right now.


East Walker Flow is currently at 43 cfs. Fishing has been good with the low river flows. Anglers have reported a good Squala hatch this April, but the hatch will not continue into May. Try using May fly patterns this time of year and drop off a heavy weighted caddis or bb shot with a caddis pattern. Fish the edges hard this time of year, fish tend to concentrate on the edges to gobble up stone fly hatches. A brown trout study is going on and researchers are requesting information on tagged fish including color (to determine if wild or hatchery) and location where caught.


All of our urban ponds have been receiving regular stocking. Limit is three fish at our urban ponds. Most urban ponds have picked up due to the warmer water temperatures. Mid-day will generally be the best time for fishing. Crystal Peak Pond, Mitch Park Pond, Sparks Marina, Baily Pond, Wilson Commons, Davis Pond and Liberty Pond have all been recently stocked and will continue to be stocked through the rest of the season. Sparks Marina - Trout fishing from the shore has been very good. Try using Powerbait off the bottom or nightcrawlers below a bobber. Fish are suspended from 7-12 feet. All urban ponds have a limit of 3 game fish.

All urban ponds have a limit of 3 game fish.


Washoe Lake dried up in 2004 and, although it is presently full and has been restocked, the fish population, consisting mostly of channel catfish and white bass, is small. Fishing is expected to be poor.