Western Nevada Fishing Report


Updated 9/26/14


Current flow is 30 cfs near Gardnerville. Fishing will be slow with low flows.


Hobart may be the best bet for anglers in northern Nevada but will be closing Sept. 30.  Good fishing has been reported using sheep creek special with sinking line.  Fly anglers should also try ant patterns, water boatman, and crystal Wooly Buggers. Only artificial lures with single barbless hooks may be used. It’s always a good idea to concentrate your efforts on the weeded edges and the water inflow. 


 Lahontan, despite the low water (or maybe because of it) the fishing has been pretty good.  The best fishing has been by the dam where the Truckee canal dumps in.  Anglers are reporting walleye and wipers in the 15-inch plus range. The dam was closed last week and water levels will remain pretty constant for about a month with a little water from the canal coming in, this should make fishing easier and better for a few weeks. All state parks boat launches are closed and beach launching is difficult due to muddy banks.


Lake Tahoe is the place to be if you are fishing from a boat in northern Nevada.  It may be one of the few places you still can launch a boat and catch a fish.  Anglers have been reporting good success catching Mackinaw in the 3-5 pound range. Anglers are concentrating in the 150 – 300 feet with white dodgers and minnows. 


Mason Valley, bass fishing has been good at Hinkson and North pond, float tubes and kayaks are needed to get into the open channels where anglers can access the fish. Trout fishing slow to nonexistent lately. Will be closed to fishing Sept. 30.


Fishing has been good.  Make sure you have enough water for the five mile hike in.  Fishing is allowable one hour before sunrise to two hours after sunset.  Limit is zero fish, catch and release fishing only.  Only artificial lures with single barbless hooks may be used. Season will be closed Sept. 30. 


Roads: Access to the Pine Forest best with a 4-wheel drive. Season closes on November 15.

Onion Valley ReservoirReservoir started the season with low water and was drained due to water demands. It is slowly refilling but will not have fish until restocked.

Blue LakesRecently stocked on Sept. 17th with cuttbows and rainbows, 2004 and 3528 respectively. Fishing has been and remains good for both bait and fly anglers. Four species of trout can be caught in Blue Lakes: brook, tiger, rainbows and cutbows. Fish from 10 to 18 inches are being caught. Blue Lakes is located only a couple of miles above Onion Valley Reservoir but is only accessible by a hiking trail. It offers opportunity for both bait and fly anglers. Water level is low, but fishing has been good for 10"-12".  Fly fisherman have been catching fish on nymphs and some on dry flies.  Bait fisherman are catching fish on your typical power bait and worms.

Knott Creek ReservoirFishing should be good this fall even with the low water.  Most of the fish have been concentrated in the deeper water near the dam.  Typical leach and nymph patterns are catching fish.  Midge patterns under a strike indicator should still be working near the dam.  Knott Creek is an artificial fly and lure fishing destination. Fly anglers have reported luck with sheep creek and black leach patterns down deep. Check the regulations for all of the rules. Fish early before the sun hits the water and late when the sun is going down.


 Bilk Creek Reservoir:  Fishing has been good for bass using spinner baits and top water poppers. Anglers in float tubes casting top water poppers at the bass will catch fish. As things heat up, morning and evening fishing is recommended.

Humboldt County Small StreamsSmall streams in the Santa Rosa Mountains are all producing lots of brook trout. Abel, Singas, McConnell, Rebel and Canyon Creeks are small but full of fish. Be careful while hiking many of these small streams because of the frequent occurrences of rattlesnakes.

Chimney Reservoir: No new reports.


The boat launches are closed due to low water levels. Shore launching is risky and is done at your own risk. Fishing has been slow. 


The weed bed continues to be a problem around Spooner Lake. If anglers do find an opening they should have some success. A watercraft such as a float tube or kayak is the key to unlocking this lake’s hold on fishing. Fly anglers have had luck using black, brown, and green wooly buggers. 


Season will be closing on September 30 and reopening on January 1. Fishing has been slow. 


The Truckee's current flow in Reno has been between 25 and 45 cfs. The ongoing drought continues to challenge Nevada’s fisheries.  Low water levels throughout the Truckee River system will continue to stress this fishery.  Fishing will be okay in the upper river but the lower river will continue to drop.  Let’s all hope for rain.    


No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009. Launching is not possible right now.


East Walker Flow is currently at 24 cfs. Fishing has been good even with low flows. It was recently stocked on September 11 with 1608 rainbows. Try using callibaetis, October caddis, and San Juan worm patterns this time of year. Current brown trout study is going on and researchers are requesting information on tagged fish including color (to determine if wild or hatchery) and location where caught. 


Limit is three fish at our urban ponds. Best methods for urban ponds would be to use a sliding sinker setup with Powerbait off the bottom or nightcrawlers below a bobber. Fish are suspended from 7-12 feet. All urban ponds have a limit of 3 game fish. 


Washoe Lake dried up in 2004 and, although it is presently full and has been restocked, the fish population, consisting mostly of channel catfish and white bass, is small. Fishing is expected to be poor.