Southern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated: 2017-04-21

Upcoming Events

The Nevada Department of Wildlife will host a catch-and-release fishing pond at the Clark County Fair, April 13–16 in Logandale. Children 12 and under are invited to wet a line, and there is no charge to participate. Other activities at the agency’s fair exhibit include an archery range, live reptile display, and native fish.


Quagga Reminder

NDOW is asking boaters to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of quagga mussels from the Colorado River system to other waters. Thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and towing vessel before traveling to another water.



Following the recent fish plants, the action has been good for rainbow and tiger trout. Anglers have been catching the fish with rainbow sparkle PowerBait, as well as night crawlers. Fly-fishers are fooling the fish with small, black or brown Woolly Buggers with a little sparkle in them. The campgrounds are open with all facilities available.



The water is high, and rainbow trout are keeping anglers busy. The fish are taking a wide variety of baits. Bass and crappie action remains sluggish but should pick up as temperatures grow warmer. The campgrounds are all open.



All warm water species are very active. The big news this spring is crappie. After several years on the slow end, the slab-sized sunfish has provided anglers with good action in the Overton Arm. Small jigs in white or silver colorations, and small crankbaits will catch the fish. Striped bass are pursuing shad near 33-Hole and along the east side of Boulder Basin. Government Wash has provided shoreline anglers with good fishing for stripers, some in the 5-pound class. Bass are still spawning, so catch-and-release fishing is encouraged.



Striped bass are active at the north and south ends of the lake. Some lucky boaters have reeled in fish as large as 18-pounds with anchovies in deep water. Though black bass are spawning in the shallows, anglers are finding that many beds are already vacant. In recent days fishermen have been finding the fish in shaded areas of coves and along weed beds. With weekly trout plants on tap, the fish have made their way downstream from Willow Beach.



Anglers are catching striped bass are up and down the river. Some are catching the fish from boats along Casino Row while drifting anchovies. Anglers on the north end of Big Bend are finding good action for both catfish and stripers in the marshy areas. 






Despite afternoon winds, anglers have found good action for rainbow trout at most of the reservoirs. With the arrival of warmer temperatures, vegetation along the shoreline is beginning to thicken. Anglers should be prepared to fish around the weeds. Anglers using float tubers and other small watercraft should be mindful of seasonal winds that can come up quickly on area reservoirs. 






 Action has picked up a little this week with the arrival of much warmer air temperatures. Bluegill and bass are finishing up their annual spring spawn and are starting to take worms and small lures. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is scheduled to begin its seasonal channel catfish plants the week of April 17.