Public Record Request Fees

Document Searches, Certification of Documents, Reproductions

Checks must be payable to NDOW. All sales are final. NO REFUNDS on items listed.

Item Fee
Boat Document Search (per item) $10.00
Boat Document Certification (per item)
Can only be done by License Office Supervisor in Reno
License or Tag Searches (per name search) $5.00
License or Tag Certification $5.00
Photocopy (per page) $0.50
Law Enforcement Reports (CD or Thumb Drive)
(Law Enforcement Headquarters)

Document search fees are waived for any person requesting information on his/her own records or of the request is from another city, county, state, or federal agency

Miscellaneous Publication Costs

Item Fee
Commission/Committee Meeting Audio Recording
(CD or thumb drive, Full meeting only, available only at Headquarters)
Video File of Commission Meeting FREE
Biological Bulletins (various) $10.00
Federal Duck Stamp (current year only) $16.00
Nevada Water Development Atlas (Guzzlers) $50.00
Nevada Record Book (Hard Copy - when available) $50.00
Record Book Field Guide (when available) $20.00