Guides and Subguides

There are licensed master guides in Nevada that provide guide service for big game, game birds, game fish, furbearers and unprotected wildlife. There are also licensed subguides working under master guides to provide guide services. Different hunters often desire to hire a guide ranging from a novice hunter that is a little uncomfortable with trekking into the remote Nevada outback alone to an experienced hunter that draws the tag of a lifetime, like a desert bighorn or bull elk tag.

When booking a guided hunt be sure that the master guide you hire is licensed to provide guide service in Nevada and be sure that you are provided with a contract before services are provided.

If you are a nonresident, you may participate in the nonresident restricted guided deer draw, a program that allots a number of tags specifically for a guided deer hunt. Applicants for a nonresident restricted deer tag may not apply for a nonresident deer tag in the main draw. If a guide is going to apply and sign for the client, then the guide is required to have a current Power of Attorney for the client. The power of attorney must expire in February of the following year.

If you would like to become a master guide or subguide in Nevada, you can learn about experience requirements, licensing fees, laws and the application process by scrolling to the Hunting/Fishing Guide section here:

Many hunters may never use or even see a guide, but understanding the rules, who can guide and how the process works can save problems for those hunters who want to use this type of service.