Operation Game Thief

Report-Wildlife-Crime-lgOperation Game Thief (OGT) was established to protect Nevada's diverse wildlife resources, which ultimately belong to you. Together we can protect Nevada's wildlife for future generations.

OGT provides a confidential, easy and effective way for you to report wildlife violations to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. And, just like Secret Witness, it's confidential - you can remain completely anonymous.

If you provide information, you'll be assigned a unique case number which allows you to obtain status reports on the case. The number also allows for eventual collection of a reward if offered.

Call 1-800-992-3030 to report a wildlife violation.

Avoid These Common Violations

  1. Hunting big game in wrong area. Check your tag before going hunting. Make sure you know what area your tag is for. Read the unit boundary description.
  2. Failure to punch tag. Your tag must be clearly punched (not marked) as soon as you reach your animal.
  3. Loaded gun in a vehicle. Make sure there are no live rounds in the chamber of your gun when it is in your vehicle. This includes setting your gun on your tail gate or on your OHV.