OGT1Operation Game Thief

Call 1-800-992-3030 to report information on any wildlife related crime.

Law Enforcement Division

A Game Warden's main responsibility is the enforcement of the States wildlife and boating regulations, but Game Wardens also enforce all state laws while they are on duty.  The Department of Wildlife’s Law Enforcement Division consists of a Chief, three captains, four lieutenants, and 31 field wardens.  The Division also has a Reserve Game Warden Program with three volunteers.  The 31 field Wardens are responsible for patrolling a total of 109,894 square miles of land and 667 square miles of water.  The average game warden patrol area is 3,500 square miles with some patrol areas spanning up to 10,000 square miles.  There is approximately one Warden for every 93,548 citizens in the State of Nevada.  

The Law Enforcement Divisions effectiveness with such big patrol areas for one Warden is greatly enhanced when citizens and the ethical hunter report illegal activity.  Citizens are encouraged to report illegal activity by calling the toll-free hotline 1-800-992-3030 to report wildlife violations.

NEW: NDOW Tip app

The NDOW Tip app provides citizens the ability to submit anonymous tips to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The app also displays organization web and social media content. NDOW Tip is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the agency’s website, ndow.org.

Reward Programs

A person who reports or witnesses a wildlife violation may remain anonymous and if the information leads to a conviction may collect up to $1,000 reward for their information.
Poaching is the illegal taking or possession of game animals, game fish, non-game, protected, threatened or endangered wildlife.  Taking over limits of fish/game birds or game mammals, taking big game with use of a spotlight, hunting in the wrong unit or during closed season, taking or possessing protected, threatened or endangered are just some examples of poaching.  A person can refer to the hunting and fishing regulations posted by NDOW for more information on laws and regulations.

What to look for when you think you have witnessed a violation.

  1. Vehicle information; color, type, model, license plate number and any other identifying markers that may help identify the vehicle.
  2. Description of people involved, (sex, age, race, hair color, general build, how many, names and address in known).
  3. Type of possible violation, location (GPS coordinates, management unit, canyon<mountain range etc.) and the species involved (number of animals), time of day.
  4. Pictures/video if possible. 
Report any violation as soon as possible.  This will increase the ability of a Warden to contact the violator in the field or respond to the location to gather evidence.   Do not confront a poacher and avoid getting to close to the dead animal or the scene to avoid contaminating the site.

Operation Game Thief Educational Trailer/ Wall of Shame Trailer

OGT_TrailerThe Operation Game Thief trailer was developed to educate the public on the issues of poaching and to promote Nevada’s Secret Witness for the States wildlife.  It has turned into a tool to promote ethical hunting practices, educate Nevada’s youth about the Department of Wildlife, Nevada’s wildlife and hunting, along with the old issue of poaching.

The trailers are used has a community outreach tool at, schools, sportsman’s shows , fairs, outdoor events and other venues to educate citizens about Nevada’s wildlife and how they can help stop poaching.
The trailers display mounted wildlife that was illegal harvested (poached) and the stories of the illegally taken wildlife.  They also contain information on the Nevada Department of Wildlife along with hunting and fishing information, and various other NDOW publications.  
The trailers are manned by a Game Warden to answer any questions that people may have. You could schedule to have one of the trailers at an event by calling Captain Jake Kreamer at 1-775-688-1547.