General Laws and Regulations

  • Nevada Law Library - All Nevada Administrative Codes (NAC) and Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)
  • NRS 501 - Administration and Enforcement
  • NAC 501 - Administration and Enforcement of Wildlife Laws

NRS 501.382 -Unlawful to Feed Big Game Mammals

  • Per NRS 501 no person shall intentionally feed big game mammals
  • Per NRS 501.382
    • Big game mammals include pronghorn antelope, black bear, mule deer, mountain goat, mountain lion, Rocky Mountain elk or certain subspecies of bighorn sheep
  • “Intentionally feed” means to supply, provide or otherwise make available any salt, grain, meat or other form of nourishment with the intent to attract or feed a big game mammal. The term does not include any incidental or unintentional feeding of a big game mammal, including, without limitation, any such feeding associated with:
    1. Any accepted agricultural or livestock practice;
    2. Any planting or maintenance of any shrub, tree or other landscaping for any residence, property or area; or
    3. Any sporting event or outdoor activity at which food is served or consumed.
  • For a first offense, must not be cited or charged criminally but must be informed, in writing, of the behavior that constitutes the violation and the penalties prescribed by this section for any subsequent violation of this section.
  • For a second offense, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $250.
  • For a third or subsequent offense, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500.

Licenses, Tags and Permits

  • NRS 502 - Licenses, Tags and Permits
  • NAC 502 - General Provisions for Wildlife Licenses, Tags and Permits

Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

  • NRS 503 - General Provisions: Hunting, Fishing and Trapping, Miscellaneous Protective Measures
  • NAC 503 - Hunting, Fishing and Trapping: Miscellaneous Protective Measures

Archery Hunts

  • Recurve and compound bows are legal. They must be able to throw a 400 grain arrow 150 yards over level ground. Crossbows are not legal for archery hunts. More information on hunting  
  • Link to the ‘Hunt Guide’, ‘Big Game Seasons App Brochure’, ‘Upland Game Regulations’ and ‘Migratory Bird Seasons Limits and Regulations’ (hosted in 5.4)

Wildlfe Management & Propagation

  • NRS 504 - Management and Propagation
  • NAC 504 - Management and Propagation

Fur Dealers

Wildlife Violators Compact

  • NRS 506 - Wildlife Violators Compact

Nevada Boating Laws & Regulations

General Regulations

  • Commission Regulations Nevada wildlife, fishing, hunting and boating regulations are also created by Nevada Wildlife Commission. View their available regulations.- ‘Commission Regulations’ is it’s own page with info from
  • More info on the NDOW Commission

County Regulations

  • County Regulations - Hunters must also abide by the regulations in the county in which they are hunting. Please check with the County Sheriff's department for more information. -‘County Regulations’ is its own page with content from the county section of also have a
  • Clark County Firearm Discharge Map

AB 307 - Energy Planning and Conservation Fund

The 2011 Nevada State Legislature passed AB307 (NRS 701.600 through 701.640) which created the Energy Planning and Conservation Fund and the Fund for the Recovery of Costs. Those statutes have now been posted and are attached for your reference. These two funds will be administered by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). The Director of NDOW approved the regulations (January 25, 2012) and was subsequently approved on March 8, 2012 by the Legislative Commission’s Subcommittee to Review Regulations the set of regulations to implement the Statute and to provide further direction in the application of those statutes. The approved regulation language is also made available on this page and will shortly become a part of the online Nevada Administrative Code. In short, the statutes require the owners/applicants of all proposed energy projects (of applicable size) to file a notice (application) and provide an initial fee to NDOW for evaluation of the project. Additional fees may be required depending upon the scope of the project. The application and initial fee is to be submitted to NDOW concurrently with application submittal to any other (local, State or Federal) government agency in the State of Nevada. Project which are already in progress but still have documents pending for review by NDOW will also need to apply and provide funding. All unused fees will be returned upon completion of project review or if the application is withdrawn in advance of completion.

Questions in regards to the application and initial fee should be directed to NDOW at (775) 688-1500.