National Archery in the Schools Program

The National Archery in the Schools Program, (NASP) is a joint venture between the Department of Education and the Divisions of Wildlife Conservation. Several archery equipment manufacturers and local sportsman's organizations are also program partners. The program promotes self-confidence, team work, discipline, physical fitness and participation in the life-long sport of archery. The program's focus is to provide International Style Target Archery in a physical education environment. The program has proven effective for all age groups, from 4th - 12th

Teacher / Instructor Training

The National Archery in the Schools Program, (NASP) instructor training is offered through the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The Basic Archery Instructor Course, (BAI) is designed to teach archery instruction techniques to both novices and experienced archers alike. Course content includes NASP program overview, range set up and safety, use of the string bow, eleven steps to archery success, coaching techniques, and an equipment portion covering nomenclature, inspection, operation, and maintenance. The Basic Archery Instructor is certified to teach Olympic style archery to school-age students.


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Attend the full day BAI course
  • Pass a written exam administered at the end of the training maintenance and repair. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact the NDOW representative in your area. Once a teacher has completed the training course, their school is eligible to purchase an equipment kit.

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For more information or to sign up contact:

  • Holly Brisendine - (702) 668-3556
  • Dawn Andersen - (775) 688-1622  
  • Gayle Gregg - (775) 688-1559