Nevada Department of Wildlife Question 1 Funding

In 2002, Nevadans voted and passed the $200 million Question 1 Bond Initiative, authorizing the state to issue bonds for projects to protect and preserve natural resources in Nevada. Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) received $27.5 million to be used for the acquisition of property to enhance, protect, and manage wildlife and wildlife habitat or enhance recreational opportunities related to wildlife, or both; or for the development and renovation of facilities or the improvement of existing habitats for fish and other wildlife.

    • What is the history behind Question 1?
    • What NDOW projects are being funded by Q1 monies?
    • How are the Question 1 projects chosen?
    • How can I get involved?

NDOW’s portion of the Question 1 Bond Initiative is extremely important for Nevada’s wildlife resources.

Nevadans can now witness Nevada habitats, wildlife, and existing natural resource projects reap the benefits of the Question 1 bond initiative.

The sale of bonds followed extensive public comment to implement Question 1 funds slated to protect and preserve natural resources in Nevada. After a series of public meetings were held throughout the state, there was no shortage of project proposals suggesting how the Question 1 funds should be used.

NDOW has six years to sell the bonds and a total of nine years to complete all projects. As manpower and resources allow, project proposals will be considered for future bond sale rounds. Additionally, NDOW will work to create partnerships and leverage additional funds to their greatest extent from sources like Fish and Wildlife Restoration Federal Aid dollars, state motorboat fuel taxes, donations, volunteer services and others.

Nevada Department of Wildlife will continue to schedule projects for implementation based on bonding issues, partnerships, matching funds, etc. For those project proposals that were submitted but do not appear on the lists at this time, we will continue to gather information, build partnerships, and seek matching funds to implement projects for the greatest benefit of state residents.

Public scoping meetings will continue to be held across the state every one to two years to identify new project ideas from the public and to update the prioritized list as additional bonds are sold and projects are completed. We will continue to accept new project proposals for future rounds. Fill out this form if you are interested in submitting a project proposal.

NDOW will promote and publicize the projects that are implemented with Q1 funds on signage and in brochures. Many thanks to again to the members of the public who attended the scoping meetings and submitted project proposals for their participation during this important phase of NDOW’s Q-1 Bond program implementation.