Duck Stamp Program

NDOW’s Duck Stamp Program receives its funding from a $10 Duck Stamp fee that is paid by the state’s waterfowl hunters when they buy their hunting licenses. The revenue generated by the fee has typically been around $90,000 per year the past few years, and can only be used to fund projects that benefit waterfowl and their habitat, including wetlands (see NRS 502.322). Recent program expenditures have been $143,000 on FY14 projects, $233,000 on FY15 projects, and $159,550 on FY16 projects. Annual expenditures have exceeded the program’s annual revenue in recent years because a large balance was accrued in the account during the past when program expenditures were much lower. Recent projects have included weed control efforts, pond modifications, water infrastructure improvements and other projects that improve waterfowl habitat at many of NDOW’s Wildlife Management Areas. A multi-year wood duck banding and research project near Fallon, NV also has been funded by this program.

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Duck Stamp Art Contest

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2018 Top Nevada Duck Stamp Entries

Contest Results: The following are the Top 10 entries for the 2018 Nevada Duck Stamp Art Contest. The winning entry was submitted by Richard Clifton.

  1.  Richard Clifton


  2. Lawrence M. Simons

    Lawrence M. Simons

  3. Diane Ford

     Diane Ford

  4. Timothy Turenne

     Timothy Turenne

  5. Susan Hearting

     Susan Hearting

  6. Joseph Del Grosso

    Joseph Del Grosso

  7. John Roberts

    John Roberts

  8. Robin J. Myers

    Robin Myers

  9. Broderick Crawford

    Broderick Crawford

  10. Robert Kusserow

    Robert Kusserow