NDOW Maps and Data

The Nevada Department of Wildlife employs an extensive Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage the collection, maintenance, and analysis of wildlife resource data throughout the state. GIS technology provides wildlife resource managers, policy makers, and biologists the necessary tools to organize and visualize wildlife occurrence and distribution data through time and space, as well as the ability to compare that information to an infinite array of ancillary data sources that can help inform how wildlife are functioning in the natural system. GIS also allows users to analyze and synthesize information and create new map and data products that can be used to answer the many questions that arise as the Department strives to fulfill its mission to protect, preserve, manage, and restore wildlife and its habitat in Nevada.

As GIS technology advances, making it easier for information to be shared and consumed by the public, the Department makes it a priority to provide current and accurate map and data products for agency partners and public users to employ to answer their own questions regarding Nevada’s wildlife resources. Please check back here as these products are continuously being developed and added to the growing list of services the Department provides.

Nevada Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool

A Conservation Success Story

Columbia Spotted Frog