Nevada Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool

Planning for Nevada’s Wildlife and Habitat

Nevada CHAT (NVCHAT) provides wildlife resource information to help guide effective development and conservation planning in Nevada. By providing information in a centralized and easy-to-use online application, NVCHAT empowers and encourages all users to plan for Nevada’s future and preserve Nevada’s wildlife heritage.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife has partnered with the Western Governors’ Association (WGA) and 16 other western states’ wildlife agencies to develop Crucial Habitat Assessment Tools (CHATs) across the west. NVCHAT is one part of a network of compatible, online mapping applications that present wildlife and habitat data to users in a clear and consistent framework that encourages ease of use, multi-state planning, and improved integration of wildlife resource priorities throughout the land use planning process.

Like all CHATs, NVCHAT is a non-regulatory tool that provides species and habitat information at the landscape scale. While not relevant for use at the project-level scale or as a substitute for on-the-ground surveys and agency consultation, the information presented by NVCHAT is intended to be used during the early stages of the planning process to help users understand and identify the potential risks to wildlife resources across the landscape. NVCHAT incorporates data from the Department’s extensive wildlife resource geographic information system (GIS) that is continuously updated with data collected by expert biologists in the field, as well as other agency and partner data sources. These data were analyzed and interpreted using guidance provided by the Western Governors’ Wildlife Council White Paper and expert recommendations from the CHAT development technical teams.

We encourage your feedback on version 1.0 of NVCHAT. Questions and comments can be directed to Jinna Larkin, GIS Coordinator at

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