James Lathrop and Wayne Capurro Memorial Internship

This internship program is designed to provide those graduating high school seniors or current college or university students that have a sincere interest in pursuing a career in wildlife management an opportunity to earn funds to help support his/her college education. Selected interns will become paid seasonal employees of the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). They will receive 'on-the-job' training to provide them with practical knowledge and experience to enhance their college studies and future career.

Two conservation organizations raise funds to underwrite the salary and operating expenses for the Lathrop-Capurro Memorial Scholarship Program.

The Reno chapter of Nevada Bighorns Unlimited (NBU) underwrites a portion of this internship program which is co-named in honor of one of their founding members - James Lathrop. Additional funding support is provided by the Nevada Wildlife Record Book and is also named in memoriam for one of their founding members – Wayne Capurro. Both men made outstanding contributions to wildlife management through their roles as hunters, volunteers, organizers and advisors to the Department, the Nevada Board of wildlife Commissioners and the many wildlife-oriented organizations that mutually support the sustained health of Nevada's wildlife resources.

The Lathrop-Capurro Memorial Internship Program provides high school graduates preparing to enter college the opportunity to work for NDOW during the summer of their freshman year and for each of the next three years, as long as the student remains enrolled in a curriculum applicable to a natural resource management profession. During these summers the intern works with NDOW biologists conducting surveys, building water developments and other activities pertinent to the profession. The student benefits from the experience and exposure to potential future career employment. The program was recently made available to enrolled college students as well.

Applicants for the program are expected to have an interest in natural resource management, particularly wildlife management and should be in good academic standing. Candidates must submit an application through their high school's scholarship coordinator. Application packets will be sent to each Nevada high school in January. Students that are home-schooled or are graduating from a private or charter school can contact NDOW at (775) 688-1529 for an application packet. College students can download an application and submit it to NDOW.

Lathrop Capurro Internship Application - [PDF]

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