Conservation Education Division

The Conservation Education Division works to promote Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) programs, services and recreational opportunities. The Division educates the public about state wildlife and boating rules and regulations, as well as other wildlife, habitat and fishing issues. The Division also strives to involve students, teachers and the public through hunter, angler and wildlife education programs. Additionally, the Division has developed a volunteer program to provide the public a hands on way to get involved in projects like seed gathering or fish stocking.

Education Programs:

Volunteer Programs:

PROWL - Preserving Our Wildlife Legacy, continued to progress in 2004 using the efforts of 453 volunteers who contributed more than 18,516 hours of service to the department. Volunteers participate in projects such as seed collection and plantings, fish stocking and salvage, sage grouse lek surveys, and bighorn sheep and chukar capture and relocation efforts. Recently, these volunteer efforts were valued at an estimated $560,000 in time and mileage that applied as in-kind match to federal grants.

The benefits of the volunteer program are many, including connecting people with wildlife, accomplishing more work than normally possible, increasing awareness of the Department's role, and generating positive publicity for wildlife.

Information Programs:

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