Law Enforcement Division

The Division of Law Enforcement is responsible for protecting Nevada’s wildlife resources and ensuring the safety of the boating public, which includes enforcing the provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes and all other regulations that affect wildlife issues.

Support activities of this division include implementing Operation Game Thief, and providing warden training, public assistance, and radio communications. In 2000, Nevada’s 35 game wardens handled patrol duties over the entire area of the state; approximately 110,000 square miles. Most wardens patrol an area of 3,235 square miles, while a few are responsible for patrol areas of nearly 10,000 square miles.

The Law Enforcement Division is committed to maximizing voluntary compliance by providing information at boat shows, county fairs, hunter education indoctrinations, boat ramp inspections, and by assisting in the production of clear and understandable regulation brochures.

The Law Enforcement Division relies heavily on public support. Most big game poaching cases are solved when the public reports violations through Operation Game Thief. Citizens have helped game wardens by conducting unit watches, similar to neighborhood watch. Game wardens work constantly with the public to enhance voluntary compliance with Nevada’s wildlife and boating laws.

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