NDOW Employment Opportunities

NDOW is the state agency directly responsible for managing all the fish and wildlife in the state of Nevada, as well as the promotion of boating safety on Nevada’s waters. There are more than 200 people working towards or supporting this responsibility in one manner or another. Biologists monitor the health of wildlife populations. Game wardens enforce the wildlife and boating laws passed by the state legislature and regulations set by the Nevada Wildlife Commission. Conservation Educators inform and educate people about Nevada’s wildlife. And, there are many, many other professionals, doing all kinds of jobs to help with the huge task of looking after the wildlife of our state. 

Public Information Officer 2 - Publications Coordinator

  • Public Information Officers manage the public relations and information program for an agency on a statewide basis; write media releases, newsletters, and informational brochures; produce audiovisual presentations and take photographs. As Publications Coordinator, this position also develops and monitors statewide inventory of publications; develops and completes a myriad of printing products annually; is responsible for development, oversight and monitoring the agency's budget for publications. 



Game Warden 4

  • Game Wardens protect the wildlife and fisheries resources of the State and the public by enforcing wildlife, boating and natural resource laws and by providing education in areas such as wildlife management, and hunter boating and firearms safety.


Staff Game Warden 

  • Under general direction Staff Game Wardens research, analyze, plan and develop legislative proposals, wildlife and boating law enforcement policies and regulations, training programs, grant proposals and budgets, and long and short-range goals and objectives for the Law Enforcement Division, in order to preserve and protect the State's wildlife and promote the safety of persons and property involved in the use of vessels on the waters of the state. 


Fish Hatchery Technician 3 - Gallagher Fish Hatchery


  • Fish Hatchery Technicians care for fish and adjust feed levels; keep accurate feed and population records; maintain clean troughs, tanks, ponds, raceways, traps, holding pens and launders; maintain screens, water sources and aeration devices. 


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