NDOW Employment Opportunities

NDOW is the state agency directly responsible for managing all the fish and wildlife in the state of Nevada, as well as the promotion of boating safety on Nevada’s waters. There are more than 200 people working towards or supporting this responsibility in one manner or another. Biologists monitor the health of wildlife populations. Game wardens enforce the wildlife and boating laws passed by the state legislature and regulations set by the Nevada Wildlife Commission. Conservation Educators inform and educate people about Nevada’s wildlife. And, there are many, many other professionals, doing all kinds of jobs to help with the huge task of looking after the wildlife of our state. 

  • Management Analyst 2

    Management Analysts conduct a variety of studies, research and analysis of management and administrative areas such as budgeting and financial analysis; departmental operations; legislative analysis; management research; and statistical and informational analysis.


  • Fiscal/Business Professional Trainee

    This position is an underfill for a Management Analyst 2. Incumbents perform in a trainee capacity and acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities required in this occupation.


  • Biologist 3 - GIS Analyst

    Biologists conduct fisheries, wildlife and/or habitat management projects and research studies including data collection, analysis and interpretation; develop and implement project proposals and work plans; prepare recommendations; and participate in public relations activities.


  • Business Process Analyst 2

    Business Process Analysts apply an in-depth knowledge of the agency's program areas to define and implement a solution to a given problem that requires an individually tailored response for end-user requirements.


  • Seasonal Aquatic Invasive Species Watercraft Inspection, Decontamination, and Outreach Specialist

    Helps prevent the introduction of harmful aquatic invasive species into Nevada lakes and reservoirs.


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