$10,000 Reward Offered in Moose Poaching Case

 A $2,500 donation from Jelindo and Sandee Tiberti has led to donations from both Nevada Bighorns Unlimited (NBU) and the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn, raising the reward to $10,000 for any information that will help solve a case of an adult moose illegally killed 20 miles southeast of Jarbidge.

“As an avid sportsman, I know hunting is used as a wildlife management tool by the Nevada Department of Wildlife and biologists to conserve and enhance Nevada’s wildlife,” said Jelindo Tiberti, a longtime sportsmen and member of the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn. “Poaching, on the other hand, is just a criminal act and not hunting. If hunters don’t stand up to protect these animals, who will?”

The dead moose was discovered and reported by a concerned citizen on Christmas Day approximately 100 yards west of the intersection of the Sun Creek access road and the O’Neil Basin Road, near the boundary of hunt units 072 and 075.

The original reward of $1,000 was offered by the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Operation Game Thief Program (OGT) before receiving the donation from the Tiberti Family. Jelinido Tiberti then spearheaded the effort that ended with donations of $4,000 from NBU and $2,500 from the Fraternity of the Bighorn Sheep.

“The first line of NBU’s mission statement is ’to protect and enhance Nevada’s wildlife resources’ so when wildlife is stolen (poached) from our lands and the people of Nevada, NBU feels that it is our duty to step up and help in any way possible,” said Chris Cefalu, president of NBU. “We need to put a stop to poaching. NBU is passionate about our wildlife and we all work way too hard to have thieves steal our great resources out from underneath us.”

The moose was killed in middle to late December in a very visible area. Game wardens are hoping someone saw something that could be helpful in catching the individuals responsible.

Witnesses may call OGT at (800) 992-3030 to report information on this or any other wildlife related crime. People who are angered by this senseless crime can donate to OGT to increase the reward offered or to help fund future wildlife cases.

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