Late Summer Boating Means Keeping an Eye on the Weather

Late summer boating in Southern Nevada is a great way to spend time with the family and escape the heat of the city, but with monsoon season upon us, game wardens at the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) are urging boaters to keep an eye on the weather. The National Weather Service is predicting a very active monsoon season this year, which means boaters need to be more vigilant while on the water.      

“Monsoons are a threat on many levels,” said Nevada Game Warden Victor Jordan. “They move in quickly, bringing high winds and heavy rain and boaters can often get caught off guard.”  

Here are a few suggestions to stay safe if you get caught on the water in a monsoon. 

Wear your life jacket. Wearing your life jacket increases your chances of surviving a fall overboard during bad weather.

Monitor the weather station on your radio. These storms come on quickly, but if you are monitoring the weather channel you will have more than enough warning of an approaching storm. 

Wait out the storm. Find a protective cove and wait until the storm passes. Too often boaters try to make it back to the marina or launch ramp after the storm is already upon them.  

Don’t overload your vessel. Make sure you know the limits of your vessel and do not exceed them because overloading your vessel can cause it to capsize. Check the capacity plate for the specific number of people or weight allowed for your vessel.  

“We definitely want you out on the water enjoying everything Nevada has to offer,” said Jordan. “But this time of year you just have to take a few extra precautions to keep you and your passengers’ safe.” 

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