Second Chance for Junior Hunters

Junior hunters who were either unsuccessful in the recent big game draw or missed the deadline to submit an application, have a second chance at a deer tag with the big game second draw application period opening today (June 8). 

This year there are hundreds of remaining junior deer tags split between seven different hunt units, including 45 tags in hunt unit 032, eight tags in hunt unit 035, 116 tags in hunt unit group 101-109, 33 tags in hunt unit group 141-145, 19 tags in hunt unit group 151-156, 25 tags in hunt unit group 171-173 and five tags in hunt unit group 251-254.       

The areas with remaining tags are hunt areas with higher quotas and lower demand due to their distance from population centers. Extremely high demand for tags in areas with lower tag quotas and higher populations like areas around Carson City and Reno resulted in unsuccessful junior tag applicants. Remember, youth are not guaranteed tags, and can increase their odds of drawing by putting down all five available choices, especially if they choose an area further from a large population center with a larger deer herd. 

Junior hunters can take advantage of this second shot at a tag by applying for the big game second draw on between June 8 and June 25.  Eligible hunters must be 12 years old prior to the opening day of each hunt applied for and will not attain their 18th birthday until after the last day of the last season applied for.  A person may only apply for a junior hunt in 5 different years. 

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