Commission Meeting Agenda

Board of Wildlife Commissioners

 Nov. 3 and 4, 2017

 Meeting Location: 

Nevada State Capitol Building

Capitol Assembly Chambers

Second Floor

101 N. Carson St.

Carson City, NV  89701


Videoconferencing at the following Location:

 Grant Sawyer Building

555 E. Washington Ave., Fifth Floor, Suite 5100


Las Vegas, NV  89101 

Policy, Regulations and Program



For Meeting Video Contact: For Historical Data Contact:
Nov. 3 and 4, 2017


Chris Vasey 

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 Suzanne Scourby


Support Material:

 5      Draft Minutes from the Sept. 22 and 23, 2017, Meeting 

6       Commission General Regulation 475, Shed Antlers 

            Power Point Presentation Shed Antlers 

7       Commission General Regulation 440, Trail Cameras andOther Devices 

            Power Point Presentation Trail Cameras 

8         Commission Policy 27, Protection of Nevada Wildlife Resources 

9       Commission Policy 65, Designation of Wildlife Management Areas 

10        Commission Policy 26, Re-establishing, Introducing, Transplanting and Managing Pioneering Rocky Mountain Elk 

11      Review of Commission Policy 3, Appeals – First Reading 

12     WildlifeTrust Fund Semi-Annual Report 

19       Power Point Presentations

           Videoconferencing Strategy NDOW Wildlife Project Updates

           Chronic Wasting Disease NDOW Wildlife Project Updates

20 A   Power Point Presentation Application Hunt 2017 Draw Report

20 C  Litigation Report 

20 D  Power Point Water Delivery Systems

22    Commission Regulation 17-02 Noncommercial Collectionof Reptiles and Amphibians for 2017-2018, Amendment #1 

           Power Point Presentation CR 17-02 

23    Predation Management Fiscal Year 2017 Report 

          Power Point Presentation Predation Management  

          Power Point Presentation Science to Inform Adaptive Management for Ravens 

24      Power Point Presentation for License Simplification and New License Vendor Update