Commission Meeting Agenda

Board of Wildlife Commissioners


September 21 and 22, 2018

Meeting Location:

Clark County Government Center 

Commission Chambers

500 S. Grand Central Parkway

Las Vegas, NV  89155

Video Streaming and Teleconferencing available at:

Nevada Department of Wildlife 

Western Region Office

1100 Valley Road

Reno, NV 89512   

Set/Revise Biennial Fishing Regulations



 For Meeting Video Contact: 
Chris Vasey 
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Support Material: 

5       Minutes

         June 29 and 30, 2018

         Aug. 10 and 11, 2018

10A   Landowner Deer and Antelope Compensation Tag Program CGR 477

10B   Shotgun Gauges Legal for Turkey Hunting CGR 480 

16B   Tag Allocation and Application Hunt Committee Agenda 

16E   Litigation Report  

17     Nevada Cave Inventories Wildlife Project Update PowerPoint Presentation 

18A  Bighorn Sheep and Ewe and Mountain Goat Online Course CGR 478

18B  Rosy Boa Reptile CGR 479

18C Commission Regulation 18-01, Amendment #2, Fishing Seasons, Bag and Possession Limits, and Regulations for March 1 - Feb. 29, 2020   

19     Yakama Tribe Pronghorn Translocation Update 

        PowerPoint Presentation Pronghorn Translocation to Yakama Nation