Commission Policy

Commission Policies exist to provide direction and leadership guidelines, to describe the desired outcome on broad issues by articulating the Commission’s 10,000 foot viewpoint to the Department of Wildlife.  While the results or consequences of policy leadership do take time and effort to be realized, the intent of policy-level guidance is to resolve a whole class of issues that would otherwise return again and again for Commission action. Contact the Director's Office Management Analyst 3 for more information.

Policy Charter and Index

Policy 1 - General Guidelines for the Commission

Policy 3 - Appeals Policy

Policy 4 - Petition Process and Adoption of Regulations

Policy 10 - Wildlife Heritage Tags and Vendors

Policy 11 - Wildlife Heritage Grants

Policy 21 - Game and Fur-bearer Management

Policy 22 - Introduction, Transplanting, Exportation of Wildlife

Policy 23 - Predation Management

Policy 24 - Hunting Opportunities Among Weapons and Hunter Groups

Policy 25 - Wildlife Damage Management

Policy 26 - Managing Rocky Mountain Elk Populations in Nevada

Policy 26A - Transparency

Policy 27 - Protection of Nevada Wildlife Resources

Policy 29 - Arbitration Process for Applicants Dissatisfied with Elk Incentive Tag Awards

Policy 31 - Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Management Guidelines

Policy 33 - Fisheries Management Program

Policy 40 - Statewide Boating Safety

Policy 51 - WayneE. Kirch Nevada Wildlife

Policy 60 - Water Application Guidelines

Policy 61 - Water Rights

Policy 62 - Mitigation

Policy 63 - Protecting Wildlife from Toxic Ponds

Policy 64 - Input on Land, Sales, Transfers, and Exchanges

Policy 65 - Designation of Wildlife Management Areas

Policy 66 - Management and Use of Wildlife Management Areas

Policy 67 - Federal Horses and Burros