Elk Management

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners (Commission) has several formal committees and work groups that may be established as needed to address issues affecting elk management. Elk management is largely guided through the statewide 1997 Elk Management Plan formally adopted by the Commission. In accordance with that plan, the Commission may establish elk sub-plan committees to develop management sub-plans for populations of elk within Nevada that guide hunting, habitat, and other related factors.

Elk Sub-plan Committees

On completion of a sub-plan, some sub-planning committees may recommend a coordination and oversight team (COT) to monitor and recommend management strategies to address specific elk populations. A COT may also recommend to the Commission that amendment of the plan is needed, and the Commission may then choose to reestablish a sub-plan team for the revision process.

COT Activities

Finally, the Commission sometimes must address requests for arbitration when a landowner may challenge the award of Special Incentive Elk Tags by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Arbitration is handled by the Commission in accordance with NRS 501.105, 501.181, 502.142, and 502.160, and NAC 502.42283.

Elk Arbitration Panel