Legislative Committee

Purpose is to become informed of legislative issues that may affect how the Department of Wildlife manages, protects, and restores Nevada’s wildlife and its habitat, and promotes safe boating on Nevada waters; to provide legislative support (within the procedural framework allowed) act as a liaison for the agency to promote agency and legislative goals where appropriate; to make recommendations to the Board for support of proposals which align with Commission Policies, the scientific management of wildlife, and which are in the best interest of the resource, the Department, and of the community. (For more details, see Charter).



Public comments can be made 3 ways:  Sent by email to committee staff (jjneubauer@ndow.org), or fax (775-688-1207) to committee staff as an attachment (word documents or pdf with printed name and contact info), or in person at the meeting. If comments are brought in writing, they will be reflected verbatim for the public record and the official exhibit file, which becomes part of the minutes. These will be shared with the Committee Chair and committee members.

Specific suggestions for edits to the draft legislation are appreciated and most constructive, even if written by hand on the document. 

If at the meeting, per the instructions on the agenda, each person has 3 minutes per item.  Complete the sign-in sheet at the meeting with printed name, phone or email address, city/county or residence, and organization representing (if any).  Verbatim comments are not reflected when people just come up and speak, but will be documented in summary. Written comments brought to the meeting are appreciated.  If you bring your testimony/comments in writing please bring 5-6 for the members and staff.

Committee Meeting Date and Time Meeting Location
  • Commissioner Drew (Chair)
  • Commissioner Wallace
  • Commissioner Johnston
  • Commissioner Valentine
  • Greg Smith
Not Scheduled TBD
Staff to Committee: Agenda Support Material
Jordan Neubauer
Management Analyst III
Director's Office

All bill language can be obtained from the Nevada Legislature website.