Legislative Committee

Purpose is to become informed of legislative issues that may affect how the Department of Wildlife manages, protects, and restores Nevada’s wildlife and its habitat, and promotes safe boating on Nevada waters; to provide legislative support (within the procedural framework allowed) act as a liaison for the agency to promote agency and legislative goals where appropriate; to make recommendations to the Board for support of proposals which align with Commission Policies, the scientific management of wildlife, and which are in the best interest of the resource, the Department, and of the community. (For more details, see Charter).


Committee Meeting Date and Time Meeting Location
  • Chairman Drew (Chair)
  • Commissioner Johnston
  • Commissioner McNinch
  • Commissioner Young
TBD (2017) TBD
Staff to Committee: Agenda For Historical data contact:
Kim Jolly
Management Analyst 3
TBD Suzanne Scourby
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