A Second Bear Captured and Released Near the Glenbrook Area of Lake Tahoe

Aversion conditioning also applied in this case

The black bear referred to in the press release below (from 7-23-13) was successfully released this morning (about 8:30 am) near the area where it was caught, the Gold Ranch area of Verdi.

The bear hesitated slightly as the trap door opened before making his getaway. He quickly reached full speed followed, and being harassed, by two Karelian bear dogs. Nevada Department of Wildlife game wardens also fired two rubber shotgun slugs into the rear area of the bear as it fled.

"This was a perfect example of aversion conditioning for a potential problem bear," said Carl Lackey, NDOW black bear biologist. "Hopefully this bear will get the message to stay away from humans and make his living in the backcountry where bears belong. The people who call in to report bear problems are giving us a chance to intervene and save these bears before they become too dangerous."

Soon after the morning release near Verdi, word reached Lackey that another trap set near the Glenbrook area of South Lake Tahoe had captured a bear in the early hours of this morning. The bear was a three year old male, captured previously two years ago. "There are conflicting reports about a bear causing damage in this area and breaking into some homes. We are not sure that this bear is guilty of these break-ins so we are going to give it another chance," said Lackey. "The bear will be released in the Lake Tahoe backcountry, near Heavenly Valley, around noon today.

Persons needing to report nuisance bear activity can call the NDOW’s Bear Hotline telephone number at (775) 688-BEAR (2327). For information on living with bears persons can go to www.ndow.org and find the "Bear Logic" page on the website.

Contact: Chris Healy, Nevada Department of Wildlife
(775) 688-1554